February 12, 2018


My oncologist recommended 200mg/200mg THC/CBD creme cream for neuropathy pain-will it help?

You may want to try the products at HerbaBuena.com or in a local dispensary within your state. There...

Cannabis side effect with cholesterol and high blood pressure medications

"i have high blood pressure and cholesterol. I am daily taking Crestor for cholesterol, and combined...

I have high blood pressure and cholesterol, currently taking daily Crestor (cholesterol),

What ratio CBD and THC is good for prolonging Alzheimer? And, is the oil from the best?

I really would like to answer this question but in reality, I am confused about the question. Usually,...

What is your biggest fear about cannabis?

"What keeps you from (or kept you from) trying cannabis for your health?" Hi there! The one...

Harnessing the Power of Cannabis's Chemical Compounds

In the last installment of our series for cannabis newcomers, we went over cannabis strains and why they’re...

What is the best tincture for nausea related to chemotherapy?

Hi there! This is not an uncommon question in the HelloMD community. Nurse Tatiana has answered this...

I am in Indiana, what's the law when it comes to CBD oils, lotion, ointments, or even drops?

Hi there! Indiana signed a CBD-specific law in 2017. The qualifying conditions to obtain medical CBD...

6 Notable African-Americans Who Are Pro-Cannabis

Black History Month is a time to reflect on the endless contributions black people have made throughout...

I need help with edibles and liver

"Tinctures in specific "

I need help with edibles and

CA Rqmt & Replacement Card

"1. Do I have to do something in CA for a med license now? 2. Can I get a replacement card?"
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