Healthy, CBD-Infused Pumpkin Spice Cookies

If the return of the PSL makes you jump for joy every year, you need to whip up a batch of these CBD-infused pumpkin spice cookies, stat.

Cannabis Tolerance Cleanse

Should You Do a Cannabis Tolerance Cleanse?

Learn about cannabis tolerance, how taking a break works, and tips for making it a positive experience.


4 Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive

Let’s get straight to the point: Sometimes sex is the absolute last thing on your mind. There’s no shame if you’ve found yourself in a …


Delicious Non-Alcoholic, Cannabis-Infused Sangria

Gorgeous summer evenings with your friends and family call for great food and yummy, refreshing beverages. That’s why we’ve created this delicious, non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused sangria—it’s …


4 Spring Activities and CBD Products to Pair Them With

The change in weather from winter to spring brings a lot of life with it—flowers are in bloom, the grass is greener, and bird songs …


DIY Recipe: CBD-Infused Carrot Cake

Spring days are always a welcome sight after the bitter, cold winter. To celebrate the extra sunshine and daylight hours, it’s time to treat yourself …


6 Cannabis Strains to Help You Tidy Up Your Home

Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show “Tidying Up” has America on a serious cleaning kick. There are even reports of folks overwhelming thrift stores with donations …


How to Layer CBD to Help Ease Arthritis Pain

With hemp research still in its relative infancy, people using cannabidiol (CBD) derived from hemp have to be willing to do a bit of experimenting …


5 Ways CBD Can Improve Your Senior Pet’s Life

As with our human family members, seeing a pet age can make us very sad. With age often comes: Joint pain Mobility issues Skin disorders …


Are Employers No Longer Testing for Marijuana?

Imagine you just interviewed with a new company, and you’re qualified for the job. The interview went well; you nailed every question; and it really …


How Fast Will CBD Work for Me?

After a couple of years of writing and talking about cannabidiol (CBD), one of the most common questions I get asked is: “How long does …


Can Cannabis Help Fight Acne?

Do you remember the first time your skin broke out? If you’re like me, it happened in your early teens and made you feel so …

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