Why do edibles make me so groggy? Is there any way to counteract this?

“When I consume edibles it makes me very groggy and out of it the next day. Why is this? Is there any way to counteract this?”

Great question. When people start to use edibles they often think that the effect should take place as fast as when they smoke bud or use a vaporizer. With smoking or vaping the effects of the cannabis or oil can usually be felt within a few minutes. Edibles can take between 1-2 hours to take effect depending on how fast your digestive system works and if you’ve had anything to eat prior to taking the edible.

Sometimes the groggy feeling can result from taking too much of an edible product too close to going to sleep, if you’re using it to treat your insomnia for example. You may be still feeling the effects of the cannabis when you awaken. Some people think that they should feel some effect in the same time frame as smoking or vaping, and when that doesn’t happen, they ingest more of the edible. The advice of “go low and slow”, essentially to use a low dose and slowly increase it, applies to any cannabis product that you use to treat your medical condition, but especially to edibles for the reasons above.

Perry Solomon, MD

Edible THC is picked up by the liver and changed from delta 9THC into d 11THC, a more potent form of cannabis that lasts much longer and tends to have a very dysphoric affect, sometimes presenting as bad dreams but may also be perceived as a hangover the next day. The CBD edibles should not respond the same way.


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