Will CBD oils help with serious autoimmune disease?

CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties. I use it for RA and it has helped a lot. Sleep is my biggest struggle, primarily do to pain, and I find an edible before bedtime relaxes me, relaxes my muscles that spasm, and it keeps me asleep. HUGE help!


Yes, my wife has idiopathic angioedema , she has severe swelling of her eyes or lips or closing of her airpipe. She has also swelling of her intestines which is very painful.

I researched and found a study in Israel found out cannabis might help.

Now 6 months later my wife has a oil vape pen and uses a 3-1 cbd oil. If she uses this daily she has no attacks. Sometime she can’t use it daily when we travel or she might forget. Which leads to a attack. Yesterday she had a attack again and started to throw up could not breath. After one puff on her 3-1 pen she could breath , it takes 5-15 seconds. We tried 8-1 cbd. 28-1 cbd and 1-1 cbd-thc. For her the 3-1 cbd oil works the best. 100% of the time


Can you tell us a little more about what autoimmune disease your dealing with and what you have done w/ your MD’s up to this point?


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