June 27, 2016

touch sensors

"I have a firefly2 and frankly, its awesome. however, sometimes, when starting my firefly2 from cold the green light doesn’t blink-sometime times it heats and

Vaping Medical Cannabis

"I live in San Diego and I am wondering the cost of everything needed to vape medical cannabis? What is the cost range of the

Breastfeeding and Cannabis Use

"I currently am still breastfeeding my toddler for naps, bedtime, and comfort nursing. I am wanting information in regards to how to safely still be

question about vaping and asthma

"I have a Firefly that I purchased last year. I only use it with cannibis; never concentrates. On occasion, if I’ve used it a lot,

DIY Recipe: High-CBD Cannabis Tinctures

Throughout the history of medical cannabis, tinctures have been the most common form of marijuana medication. But it seems like today people are just discovering

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