July 26, 2016

Do these help digestive problems?

"My cat is on antibiotics right now for an ear infection and he’s been having diarrhea. I’m looking for something to help his tummy and

Are your products gluten free?

"I have been looking for a gluten free nighttime edible to help with my insomnia and have been having trouble." Yes– Snooze bar is free

Can I give these to my puppy?

"Hi-I have a 14 week old labrador puppy and he gets really excitable when we go to puppy school. Do you think I could give

Can these help with seizures?

"My 4 year old beagle had two seizures in January. He was prescribed phenobarbital and hasn’t had any since. We’re weaning him off that drug

How to consume THC-A?

"I bought Crystalline THC-A, but not sure how to consume it. I do not want any psychoactive qualities. I only want it for pain. Is

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