July 27, 2016

Do treatibles work for mini pigs?

"I just got a mini pig and we’ve just started harness training him. He gets a bit nervous when we head outdoors for a walk,

Will Treatibles cause inflammation?

"We have a young dog with multiple inflamed joints and a high level of pain and have him on myriad western and holistic treatments. We

How many calories?

"My yorkie is on a calorie-restricted diet to lose weight. I’m hoping these can help her separation anxiety, but I don’t want to derail her

Will this salve help my knee?

"I sprained my knee a few weekends ago and am having a slow recovery process. Will this topical help me recover faster?" Yes, this salve

Where can I buy these?

"I’m in NY" I found them online. I googled canniibis for pets and there are places you can order from. Hope this helps. booboogin Hi

Palliative Measure?

"My boy, Apollo, suffered immensely the night before he died of cancer. Would these have helped prevent his suffering if administered as a palliative source?

Do these work for eczema?

"I have a golden retriever that suffers from seasonal eczema. Looking for something natural to help relieve the itchiness and discomfort." This study concluded that

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