October 27, 2016


I want to get a card to explore pain medication alternatives to pain pills.

"Have had two knee replacements within nine weeks and don’t like the effects of vicodin for pain manement." I have been in a lot of …


best strain for degenerative arthritis

"degenerative arthritits in my hips that also causes bursitis flares. Am taking Flow Kana CBD capsule but it isn’t helping." Have you tried a stronger …


can I use dry herb and oils in the firefly?????

Yes you can! You can put dry herb directly into the glass chamber of the Firefly (a loosely packed, coarse grind works best). For vaping …


cost of kiva bars

We offer them for $20 a bar. I don’t know about other places.You can visit us at www.calstatecaregivers.com for more information. dneice


What type of cannabis should I take for restless leg syndrome?

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is also known as Willis-Ekbom Disease and sometimes referred to as a periodic limb movement disorder or (PMLS). The key features …


how can I buy online marijuanna products if I live i tx

Legally, you can’t buy marijuana products online. Anyone shipping them would be violating the law. You can access CBD products, however, which have been shown …


If Prop 64 passes, what will happen to the price of marijuana in California?

Initially go up by around 20% due to excise and state taxes from what I understand. But then you have the indirect effects of the …


What will the impact of Prop 64 be on recreational users of marijuana?

"What changes should be expected when purchasing products, and when would this all occur?" The prices will almost certainly go up in the short term …


I am wondering if I am able to get a medical card online. I live in Phoenix area

The law does not currently allow you to get a medical card online in Phoenix. We will be launching a national directory of doctors soon, …


How can someone from Hawaii get a medical card? Please help!

If you are wanting to purchase cannabis in California you will need to be present in the state to get your card and then you …

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