November 27, 2016


Is there a cannabis based cream or balm which can ease the pain of a broken shoulder which has had 3 ops?

Cannabis can be used topically and there are many different formulations; balms, sprays, rubs, creams, patches. I would experiment with a variety of products and …


does marijuana have more of a positive effect to the body, compared to the negatives?

Cannabis has many health benefits, as tolerated by individual patients. Benefits include: decreased chronic inflammation (psoriasis/arthritis/eczema/multiple sclerosis/parkinsons), increased immune function, decreased pain (including nerve pain), …


Stage 4 prostrate cancer survivor

"As a cancer survivor, I would like to know the dose and frequency of THC for a maintenance program. As a foot note I was …


Out of State Consultation

"I do not live in a medical marijuana state but would still like to discuss the subject with a physician. Can I pay for a …


Do i need a card to purchase CBD oil

If you buy hemp-based CBD oil (low in THC or/and CBD) you will not need a card; however, to purchase cannabis plant-based CBD oil (rich …

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