November 28, 2016

can this help chronic pain

"spinalcord injury in the cervical and lumbar I had cervicle fusion on my c4-c5-c6 and have nerve pain and insomnia. what can i do? Can

Florida Approves Medical Marijuana

Amendment 2 Passes in Florida This past November Florida voters overwhelmingly approved Amendment 2 which legalizes medical marijuana. The state had previously rejected a similar

Can this help with eczema?

Yes, we have had a number of people with eczema (and other skin conditions) report that it helps them. I would recommend trying the unscented

Where can I buy this?

Currently, our product is only sold in California. If you live in California you can purchase direct from our website,, or by visiting a

Does Sweet Releaf help with rosacea?

We’ve had some feedback from patients with roseacea who said Sweet Releaf does help soothe and calm down this condition. We’ve also been told that

Growing Your Marijuana At Home

I find that there is often a lot of confusion surrounding how commercial cannabis is grown. While some cannabis companies provide a myriad of lab

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