December 6, 2016


How can I get a physician to help me purchase cannabis oil in Oakland, CA

I don’t believe that any physician would help you purchase cannabis oil. Doctors don’t do that, in fact its against the law for them to …


I am on dialysis and was wondering if medical marijuana would be ok for some of the pains I go thru

I have spoken with patients undergoing frequent dialysis who found relief using medical cannabis. To my knowledge there are no contra-indications to using cannabis while …


What is a good tincture for inflammation and back pain?

Most tinctures work well but especially the high CBD tinctures but I personally do not like the ones with alcohol because if I choose to …


What CBD do you recommend for the equivalent of 500mg of vicodin (chronic skeletal pain)

Since I am a physician because I originally did not trust physicians and I felt the only way to overcome that was to become the …


Where can I buy this body lotion?

Would you like CBD only or THC:CBD combo? The CBD options range from $20-60 as they are harder to find. Also what city/state are you …

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