December 12, 2016


Where can we find your website? – great question! We have a live patient hero standing by M-F to answer any/all questions. evan

Acid Reflux

Fibromyalgia, chronic pain and GERD.

"First time on the webpage and its time for me to get some product. I have fibro and I have chronic pain from a couple …


How does one in Florida obtain medical marijuana?

Florida voters just passed a medical cannabis law that should provide more access to qualitfied patients. One law is already in place in Florida that …


Where can I get marijuana transdermal patch?

Mary’s medicinals sell a transdermal patch. You can check them out here: ryan You can get transdermal patches with us! We carry THC – …


How can i obtain a free medical marijuana card with medicaid?

Sorry, we do not accept medicaid through our service. It is $49 for our recommendation and the ID card is included at no extra charge. …


Chronic pain not responding to high dose opioids

Cannabis is a very safe herb that is very useful for pain, inflammation and countless other conditions. I would give try inhaled cannabis, sublingual tinctures …


what is the best cannabis oil to beat cancer?

"What is the best cannabis oil to beat cancer? " This is an important question, with no simple answer. Cannabis and the endocannabinoid system seem …


will the cannabis oil work on lymth nodes that have cancer?

Actually, lymph nodes are garbage collection sites and we have them all over our body and they all drain to the chest. Once the lymph …


New York Attempts to Reduce Barriers to Medical Marijuana

Nurses Can Now Recommend Marijuana As of November 30th, patients in New York are now able to receive medical marijuana recommendations not only from doctors, …


Is it possible to obtain medical marijuana with satisfying THC content levels, or does it tend to be more CBD?

Medical marijuana is the act of using cannabis for health and wellness reasons. So in answer to your question, once you are approved by a …


Should CBD Tincture be taken with food?

Try with food and try without and see what works best for you. Tinctures work best if they are absorbed in the mouth by the …


Edibles, vape or oil tincture?

"I am planning on buying edibles and wanted to know if it would be more logical and less expensive to just buy the cannabis oil …

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