December 20, 2016


I love my Pax Era! I live in CA, so Bloom Farms fills the carts, but the Era's pods are blends.

"What strains are used for each pod’s blend?" Hey! The strains we use for our blends in both the Highlighter and the Era Pods are …


Rectal bleeding with RSO suppositories?

"Has anyone out there experienced rectal bleeding with RSO suppositories? We are using a 50-50 blend of RSO and coconut oil." The question I would …


I have severe anxiety and some angry outbursts. What would be the best to use but not get the high effect?

Hello there! I’ve answered questions concerning mental health in the past. I have a vested interest in these matters because my past pain management/sports medicine/rehab …


What is the maintenance dose for:

"I had stage 1 estrogen receptive breast cancer. Clear for now, but Tamoxifen has terrible side effects and on blood thinner, Xarelto. So would 15 …


How will the Ac/DC carts compare to the Electra-tsu on stats? (%THC,CBD, etc?)

I have researched this question but cannot find information on Electra-tsu and wonder if you can provide the parent plant names? If so, and you …


Dosage Using ACDC (high CBD, 20:1) and a Vape Pen

“I just got a vape pen and ACDC cartridge (20:1 CBD:THC), which I am using for joint pain and inflammation. Here’s the thing: I can’t …


i have scotic nerve pain i want a lotion to put on where can i see what to get?

Sorry to hear about your pain! A great website for topical lotions is Go check them out 🙂 ryan Hi there, If you haven’t …


Do you ship products mail order, or are you local delivery only?

Our THC products are delivered locally, but the products on our CBD menu are delivered by mail nationwide. Kevin P.


I am currently being treated for (CMML) Leukemia. I am looking for a cure, what do you have?

I don’t think that anyone will (nor should) tell you that cannabis can cure leukemia. However, cannabis is helpful in alleviating many of the symptoms …

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