January 6, 2017


Are there sublingual oils for Fibromyalgia?

Usually, oil preparations are not the best sublingual medications, for sublingual absorption typically you would want a tincture, a preparation that is water-soluble. A 2:1, …


Where in San Diego, CA can I get CBD oil

Hello! I would check out The Healing Center San Diego for your CBD cannabis products. They are a good partner of ours and should be …


Where can I return defective pens?

"I bought a couple Evoxe vape pens and they were great! The next couple I bought never worked from the get go. " Glad you …


Where is your dispensary located?

"Do you also do marijuana delivery?" We are not a brick & mortar dispensary, we are independent consultants who operate in our own home areas. …


Can I use your service if I don't live in a retirement community?

"I’m new to medical marijuana and think a consultant would be helpful to help me pick the right products. " Yes, our service is available …


Help for an overly anxious 10lb rat terrier

"I was recently in Colorado at a dispensary looking for something to help my 10lb rat terrier with severe anxiety. My vet has recommended MANY …

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