January 10, 2017


Top 10 Cannabis Trends for 2017

1. Artisanal Products Small batch, artisan products have gained traction in the world of craft-beer, so why not the world of cannabis? More cannabis companies …


What is best for a dog with epilepsy

Treatibles is a company that makes meds specifically for dogs. I would check out their website for your pet related CBD meds. Here is their …


Does Marijuana raise blood sugar level in diabetics?

My relative is a type 1 diabetic. He monitors his blood sugar obsessively. When he consumes cannabis, his blood glucose is usually about 10 units …


Will 100% CBD help with arthritis and ADHD?

Hi there, I’m not a Dr but i’ve seen CBD topical’s do wonders for a handful of cannabis patients. My neighbor suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis …


can I take advil and/or Tylenol with Codeine in addition to 20 CBD:1THC capsules?

Cannabis is a very safe herb with no potential for overdose or toxic effects. You may be able to decrease your intake of tylenol and …


Microdosing: The Big New Trend

Microdosing Product Reviews I love to microdose cannabis! In a series of upcoming blog posts I will review several new microdosed products that have recently …

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