January 18, 2017

why is my tolerance so high?

"Ever since the summer i started vaping those wax cartridges alot to the point where i couldnt really get high anymore. Now i dont really

Where can you buy the vapexhale?

"Do any dispensaries where you could try it out sell it? Or is it just direct-order?" You can get it direct order, but they do

what is best brand for sleep

It is expensive, but I find that the hmblt sleep vaporizer pen is the best formula I have tried for falling asleep. I really think

best brand for sleep problems

The best products for sleep issues aren’t necessarily of a specific brand – I’d pay more attention to the cannabis strains and types of product.

How bad is vaping for your lungs?

"I have COPD is vaping bad for me?" Vaporizing on the Vapexhale Evo allows you to control the temperatures so that you can both reach

What is "Shatter" & how strong is it?

Shatter is a cured form of cannabis extract. It is most commonly formed from a butane hydrocarbon extraction, though other methods can result in similar

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