February 21, 2017

where to buy cannabis

"Where can I purchase edible cannabis in Texas" You can’t. At least, not legally. If you are a resident of Texas then your only option

Where can I buy Rick Simpson oil?

"I have hear good things about RSO and want to try it." Hi there- You can check out our Products section and search by "Rick

The Top 5 Health Trends in Cannabis

The cannabis industry is always changing and at a rapid pace. Because HelloMD sits at the center of a cannabis community, I see the lifecycle

What to make with canna butter

brownies, cookies, anything that has butter in the recipe. although don’t just spread it on your toast. doesn’t taste very good on its own moseisley

Hallucinations using cannabis with Effexor

"I have been taking Effexor for many years and recently consumed a small amount of CBD:THC chocolate for insomnia. This resulted in hallucinations rather than

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