February 25, 2017


What are sublingual sprays or tinctures used for?

"Are they all CBD rich like the ones from Care By Design?" Sublingual sprays are easy to dose and they have quick onset as they …


What is Care By Design Sublingual spray used for?

A sublingual spray can be used for any symptom that would be expected to respond to cannabis. Sprays are easily absorbed and easy to titrate …


what sites are for marijuana dating


How can I get CBD oil in New Zealand for my son who has epilepsy?

I understand that "pure hemp oil" is not a regulated product, and it may have the same effect as "CBD products"; look at the pure, …


Would you recommend medical marijuana for social anxiety?

Not really! If you are feeling kinda funky in the first place and a little awkward it can add to that anxiety if you haven’t …

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