March 1, 2017


Can I bring pipe anywhere I go

I think it is very risky since dogs at the airport can smell a pipe…..if you take your pipe, please soak and clean it with …


Cannabis patches

"Cannabis patches "


Sleep disorder … exhaustion

"I need serious help with my sleep disorder. I don’t get any restorative sleep and typically get only 2-3 restless hours despite the fact I …


What are the top cannabis strains for rheumatoid arthritis?

Here is Nugs list of top strains for rheumatoid arthritis: G.D.P.(Grand Daddy Purple) O.G. Kush Pure Kush Blue Dream Blueberry Sour Diesel Herijuana Mazar Jack …


What edibles can I make with cannabutter

Hi there! The wonderful thing about cannabis-infused butter is that you can add it to almost any recipe that calls for butter: vegetables, pies, cocktails, …

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