March 13, 2017


Science Backs Cannabis as a Replacement to Opioids

Marijuana is a Valid Alternative to Opioids One of the most challenging problems facing the United States right now is the rampant opioid epidemic. Sadly, …


Attorney General Sessions May Uphold States' Rights in Regards to Marijuana

Imminent Cannabis Crackdown: Maybe Not Jeff Sessions, vocal anti-marijuana advocate and current Attorney General of the United States, has recently reassured senators that there will …


Who does HelloMD share my information with?

"Does having a card prohibit or keep citizens from enjoying NRA rights? " HelloMD does not share your information with anyone. It is held is …


DIY Recipe: Bulletproof Coffee with Cannabutter

Cannabis in Your Coffee Most people think about using cannabutter in their baked goods, but one of the best ways to use it may just …


What is the best way to consume CBD?

It depends on what your situation is as far as your health and also how fast you want results. Inhalation, like smoking or vaping are …


How do I get a prescription in Tennessee?

"I’d like to get cannabis CBD products for seizures and PTSD. Do I need to travel to another state?" Tennessee permits hemp-derived CBD products. Hemp …

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