March 28, 2017


Meet the Canna Moms: What it's Like Working in the Industry

Being a Mom in the Marijuana Industry When Weeds hit the small screen in 2005 the series seemed relatively surreal in its portrayal of a …


Is Marijuana the Next Antibiotic?

Antibiotic Resistance: A Huge Problem Antibiotics must be created constantly in order to keep up with rapidly changing bacteria that make us sick. Bacteria evolve …


Medical Marijuana for Herpes

What is Herpes? Herpes comes in two forms, Type 1, which is oral herpes, and Type 2, which is genital herpes. Herpes in both forms …


How can I get my recreational card in Washington State ?

Washington state has legalized marijuana for personal use which means you do not need to obtain a card/recommendation to purchase marijuana from a dispensary or …


can teenagers use cbd for insomnia?

There are no known neurodevelopmental side effects associated with CBD so it should be safe for teen use. CBD tends to be energizing at low …


Can teenagers safely use CBD?

In general, CBD is very well tolerated with few side effects. CBD by itself does not have known intoxicating properties like THC does. However, during …

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