April 12, 2017


Can cannabis help with high blood pressure? And if so what kind of medication can be used?

Cannabis is not typically used to treat high blood pressure; however, if high blood pressure is partly caused by something that cannabis helps treat, then …


I have arthritis in my back is there a topical ointment I can use to relieve pain

Hey there, I’m sorry to hear you have pain in your back! I’d like to recommended two topical’s that could work for you. Aunt Zelda’s …


Can I obtain a California medical marijuana card through your organization?

"I have prescriptions for insomnia (Lunesta, Valium) but have tried indica cannabis edible while in Colorado and found it more effective than prescriptions. I also …

research on microdosing

In dispensaries, I feel workers push the high mg products for relief. Is there research on microdosing?

HelloMD has an article on micro dosing..check it out https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/578da024fdc17e000700019d/microdosing-cannabis-stopped-my-chronic-pain! PiantaTinta


How can I dilute my tincture

I can’t even imagine why you would want to do this but maybe you could re-phrase the question and give more information. What is your …


Where can I find veritably pesticide free flower and products?

Many products have labels that list the ingredients as well as the fact that they are pesticide free. You should look for label from an …

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