August 13, 2017

My wallet was stolen with my card and recommendations how can i get a replacement?

I signed up yesterday, please how do i pay today?

I signed up yesterday, please how do i pay today?

Medical recommendations

Hello there. We need more information to answer your question. What do you need a recommendation for?...

what is the process for getting a cannabis card for california from you

How can I obtain a cannabis card for Monterey, California

Do any of the physicians at HelloMD have experience with treating intractable epilepsy?

HelloMD has a large number of trained and experienced healthcare practitioners. Epilepsy is a very common...

What cannabis dispensary do I not need CA residency for ?

Can I cook with CBD oil?

The most effective way to consume CBD oil is by placing it directly under the tongue. Although it can...

Can you cook with CBD oil ?

Yes, you may cook with CBD oil just as you would with any Cannabinoid infused oil. CBD oil is not activated...
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