September 14, 2017


Is cannabis effective if someone is taking medication for depression?

Yes, CBD from hemp can be effective for depression almost immediately. It does not interact with SSRI medications and seems to prevent withdrawal symptoms that …


Can cannabis help congestive heart failure?

Yes, cbd from hemp improves cardiac output without increasing the stress on the heart. CBD also addresses the metabolic problem in the heart cells that …


What strains of marijuana do not cause dry eye?

hemp cbd does not cause dry eyes, vape users of this product have seen increased tearing shortly after vaping. Respira┬« is one product that is …


What marijuana products should I use to alleviate segmental dystonia?

Hello. Research has found that cannabis improves dystonia. CBD is mainly responsible for providing muscle spasm relief and THC mainly for pain relief. Researchers found …


What is best type of cannabis for depression and lethargy?

"I am depressed. Tired and I have fibro and bursitis on my left hip. Is there any strain that will help and not make me …


Since 'medical marijuana' is legal in FL, will you be setting up a similar service down here?


What is the medical/chemical difference between bubble hash, Simpson oil, and coconut oil extraction?

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My allergist says that cannabis is cross reactive to latex. Do you have anything to add to this discussion?

Tobacco, tomato and latex are considered cross-reacting allergens to cannabis. Cross-reactivity occurs when the proteins of one substance are similar to the proteins in another. …


How can I get info about what kind of solvents are used in the formulation of my vape pen concentrate?

This is very challenging. If there are no regulations in your state about this, you are relying on the product provider to disclose this information. …


Can I use CBD while undergoing chemotherapy?

"I’m undergoing chemotherapy ( Fluorouracil, Leucovorin, Oxaliplatin) for cancer of the duodenum, lymph nodes, and liver. I was told that while on chemo I should …


How much is this topical and can you mail it to me?

Hi there! This product typically costs about $30 +taxes. If you are located in San Francisco, or Marin County, you can purchase it here from …

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