October 11, 2017

I need to stop smoking marijuana but still want to experience the same effects. What's next best option?

Hello! The good news is that you have many options in administering cannabis other than smoking, such...

Cannabis & Comedy Draw Crowds to HelloMD Laughter Haven Event

More than 300 cannabis enthusiasts sampled, networked and giggled their way through HelloMD’s sold-out...

I would like to get a doctor's letter and card please.

How’s do I renew medical cannabis card

Need to get my reimbursement money back please

What is vaping?

Hello! Vaping is a slang word used to describe vaporizing, in this case, cannabis. Vaporizing cannabis...

how do access my medical records

Hi, you can contact your Primary care physician or if your provider/organization has a portal you can...

I'm out of the country,can I still renew?

Hi, No you would have to be in the state that you are registered to renew! cherylnp

Cannabis & Chronic Pain: Margaret’s Success Story

New York’s medical cannabis program currently serves over 31,000 registered patients. Margaret is one...

How to become a member

What are my rights as a renter in a "smoke-free community" in California?

Unfortunately, in situations concerning cannabis, the more strict federal laws do take precedence over...

Will you ever expand to work with other states?

Hi there! As Telehealth becomes legal and more available in other states, we hope to expand HelloMD to...
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