November 3, 2017


What is the safest way to consume THC while pregnant to deal with hyperemesis gravidarum?

"I’m suffering from severe nausea and vomiting." THC should NOT be used while pregnant. All forms of THC can have an effect on the fetus. …


How can the exact proportions and milligram amount of cannabinoids be documented in products?

Great question! The reality is that without lab testing to back up what is on the label, you will not know exact proportions. lab testing …


Can you vape hash oil in PuffCo pen?

" " You can vape hash oil, or any other form of concentrate, with Puffco Pen. just don’t overload it Dmitry


My dog was just diagnosed with hip dysplasia, can cannabis help?

"My 4.5 y/o German Shepherd was just diagnosed with hip dysplasia. She also has a problem with her knees that may stem from the hip …

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