November 20, 2017

Planning on a pregnancy

"I weaned myself off of an antidepressant medication, Paxil, by using MMJ. I was taking Paxil because of depression and anxiety. I was wondering, if

Can Cannabis Switch Off Cancer?

In 1993, the 25,000-year-old mummy of a woman was discovered in Siberia. Analyses of the body revealed that this woman, dubbed the “Siberian Ice Maiden,”

I haven't received my card yet

Cards are sent the day of the consult. However, a large number of them are returned to our office every day, typically marked by the

Topicals for Red Man Syndrome?

"Does anyone know if a topical would be helpful with someone suffering from Red Man Syndrome? I have a friend who has been suffering for

Help for migraines?

" Hello, I suffer from chronic daily migraines; I bought cannabis oil 10% in CBD. I started with a single drop per day. The second

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