February 9, 2018


Trainwreck is a fast-acting, sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with powerful mental and physical qualities that make it a favorite in the medical marijuana community. No

Grape Ape

Known for its deeply relaxing effects and grape candy flavor, Grape Ape is an ideal cannabis strain for those looking to settle down and enjoy

Purple Haze

Named after a Jimi Hendrix song about LSD, even the most experienced of cannabis consumers should watch their dosing with Purple Haze, whose intense cerebral


Lauded for its alluring fruity aroma and flavor, Blueberry is an indica-dominant hybrid well known in the cannabis community for its relaxing nature and pain-relieving


Cannatonic is a high-CBD cannabis strain that’s a favorite in the medical marijuana community due to its uplifting characteristics, applicable to a wide array of


Afghani, a landrace cannabis strain hailing from—you guessed it—Afghanistan, is the grandmother to many modern-day marijuana strains. A classic indica, use Afghani when you’re looking

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