May 30, 2018


I am in CT are there doctors near Danbury, CT?


What app do I use for consultation


Are there REM sleep differences between CBD and THC?

“I am aware that marijuana suppresses REM sleep, which is something that I have missed incredibly, so after learning of this I stopped smoking entirely …


3 Popular Questions About Marijuana & Appetite Answered

Most movies and TV shows portray cannabis consumers as couch potatoes with the munchies, eating less-than-healthy fare all night long. And most cannabis consumers know …


Where do I purchase it ?

Hello, AK-47 is a very common strain, which shouldn’t be too hard to find. You can always call around to make sure the dispensary carries …


Cannabis Supper Clubs: Elevated Experiences by Master Chefs

Cannabis supper clubs and pop-up dinners are on the rise. Marijuana plus fine dining—it’s hardly a new concept, but it’s part of a growing movement …


What is a good substitute for Gabapentin?

"Gabapentin is used for people with shingles to calm the nerve endings. One needs to build up a tolerance for it for it to effective. …

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