420 Cannabis Events Near You

420, both the number in general and the date April 20th, have become tied to marijuana. There are numerous stories that are told to explain why 420 has become synonymous with cannabis, but according to LA weekly the true story of 420 actually occurred in San Rafael, California.

In the early 70s, high school students in San Rafael would smoke marijuana when the clock struck 4:20 in the afternoon. A specific group of students, known as the “Waldos”, also used 420 as a codeword for anything relating to marijuana. The term then spread with Deadheads, followers of the band The Grateful Dead, around the country and subsequently around the world to become a international synonym for cannabis.

Now, April 20th has become a day of worldwide cannabis celebration, both in legal, quasi-legal, and illegal forms. As cannabis has become continuously more accepted in the mainstream world, so have celebrations for 420.

Here are some of the great events that are happening around the country!

California Events

San Fransisco 420

What to expect at Hippie Hill

One of the most famous 420 events in the country is the annual Hippie Hill event at Golden Gate Park. The event draws almost 15,000 people every year. The annual 420 Gathering on Hippie Hill is a free gathering of people smoking together.


Though the event is not technically sanctioned, the city has allowed the celebration to continue relatively unimpeded for many years, usually just surrounding the event with a perimeter of police to ensure the safety of the crowd. It is a great event to feel the love of cannabis with thousands of other San Franciscans, but please remember to take all of your personal belongings and garbage with you when you leave to keep the beautiful park clean.

San Fransisco & Los Angeles 420

Leafly is sponsoring a $4.20 Smash-hit comedy show that benefits Rise Up, a social impact initiative, created by the cannabis company Marley Natural, to promote Bob Marley’s vision of positive social change, environmental sustainability, and social justice. The headlining comedian in San Fransisco will be Nikki Glaser and the event will be hosted at the Fillmore. The Los Angeles show will be headlined by Pete Holmes and will take place at the Regent Theater.

Los Angeles 420

On the 22nd, the Belasco Theater in LA will be hosting the 420 Festival. It will be a celebration of cannabis with over thirty different music artists for a party that will go all night. Tickets are $20 and the festivities will go from 9pm to 4am.

San Bernardino

The High Times Cannabis Cup is coming to Southern California on April 21st to celebrate 420 in style! The festivities run through Sunday and it is open to all people over the age of 18, though there is limited access to parts of the event if you do not have a valid medical marijuana card.

There will be many different components to the event, including performances, seminars, and a food court. Tickets range from $55 to $420, depending if you would like to have a standard or VIP experience, and all performances and speakers are included in the price of the ticket.

Colorado Events

Denver 420

A former 420 Rally in Denver

The Official 420 Rally will be held in downtown Denver to celebrate cannabis in all of its different forms. The celebration will include a rally in support of marijuana, as well as a culture festival featuring many different vendors, food stands, and exciting entertainment.

The musical headliner for the event is 2Chainz and the concert will be free for all guests! The rally will be held from 10am to 7pm and will start at Civic Center Park. This will be one of the many events planned across Colorado in support of the legal marijuana industry in the state.

The historic Red Rocks Amphitheater will be hosting 420 on the Rocks on April 19th. The concert will feature amazing acts including Method Man & Redman, Flatbush Zombies, Curren$y, Futuristic, RDGLDGRN, and other special guests. This will be a celebration of 420 in one of the most beautiful music venues in the world that is sure to be a jaw dropping experience.

Oregon 420

The Northwest 420 Festival will be in Oregon from Thursday April 20th until Saturday April 22nd. The event will be a music festival with over twenty five different bands and DJs featured. The event is 21+ and is a cannabis friendly music festival that is located on the edge of the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

Washington 420

420fest is taking place in Seattle from 3pm to 10pm at the Left Jet Studio. The event will include music, food, and cool cannabis themed activities – like make your own hemp jewelry. The proceeds of raffle at the festival will go to support Jimmy Romans, a man who is serving life in prison for cannabis. The event is free to members of Hempfest, and you can become a member online for $15 to enjoy all of the festivities.

Keep an eye out for more amazing 420 events that are happening in your area! Enjoy your holiday & please celebrate responsibly.

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