Accurate Dosing with CBD & THC

Creating a Desired Outcome

For years we’ve been conditioned to buy health and wellness products based on a desired outcome. We know ahead of time that a given product will work for a headache, for back-pain, for an upset stomach, or for sleep. This had not been the case in the medical cannabis arena, at least not until now. HMBLDT is out to change this.

I recently met the folks from the HMBLDT team, and got to listen in on the many intricacies that went into making cannabis products that promise what they call ‘needs states’. While more and more concentrate makers are delivering their medicine in replaceable cartridges, the HMBLDT team explained that short of creating an all-in-one product, with no moving parts, they would not be able to stake claim to needs states (ie. Outcomes). For now, HMBLDT offers these four devices, promising BLISS, RELIEF, CALM and SLEEP.

Needs state-based packaging is a critical step forward for the cannabis industry, in particular for attracting new patients. To date, most cannabis flower or infused products have been modest at best in declaring what outcome their products may offer. Instead, we’ve witnessed a more generalist approach, where patients are highly dependent on the bud-tender to try to match products with symptoms and unfortunately not all bud tenders are well informed.

Why Accurate Dosing Matters

HMBLDT has relied on the right combination of cannabis extracts and technology to deliver on their promises. For one, each of the four vaporizer pens come pre-loaded with very clear, beautiful looking cannabis oils – that you can clearly see through the device’s gauge. In each, aside from the secret sauce they have invested significantly in developing, you will find a carefully implemented CDB-THC ratio.

Dose control is where HMBLDT introduces a unique solution. Until recently, dosing, as a means of optimizing one’s success with medical cannabis, has been woefully underused in cannabis packaging. In the edibles segment, for instance, we are finally starting to see more ‘micro-dosing’– an approach that will invariably help both new and existing patients better manage their results. Dosing controlled products like HMBLT will help the general public to better understand that cannabis – like other medications – needs to be delivered on a dose basis in order to achieve desired (yes, rather than undesired) results.

In the case of the HMBLDT devices, the research team identified what they believe is the optimal single dose; the technology team added a feature that turns off the device once you have inhaled that dose. Even better, the device vibrates to tell you you’ve reached the per dose amount. This control mechanism is critical to delivering on the promised needs states – BLISS, RELIEF, CALM and SLEEP.

My Experience with HMBLDT

I’ve tried three of them; BLISS, RELIEF, and CALM. I’m very curious to try SLEEP actually as I am one of those patients for whom THC actually stimulates rather than sedates me, mostly by creating a ‘busy-brain’ effect. SLEEP includes plenty of THC, but I’ve spoken to a few people already that used SLEEP with success, including members of our team here at HelloMD.

As for the others, I’m sold. I’ve used many vaporizing devices and concentrates, in search of one that I could depend on regularly. I’ve found many that I really like, but in HMBLDT I have one that just feels dependable and consistent. And ironically, not withstanding my knowledge of and comfort with these devices, it’s the dose control that is making the biggest difference for me.

Vaping with CALM

While this one is built of a CBD-THC ratio of 15:1, don’t be fooled. You can feel the THC. For me, CALM actually created a real sense of focus. In my life, this is a sense of calm, as it can be difficult for me to stay in one lane.

HelloMD team member Ashlyn, also tried this pen and she has this to say about CALM:

"The first pen that I tried was the Calm. It has a 15:1 ratio of CBD to THC, and only one inhalation was enough to ease the migraine that I could feel coming on. Because of the high-CBD content, I felt no psychoactive or sedating effects, just a mild sense of relaxation and easing of tension. This allowed me to function normally and alertly at work."

Vaping with RELIEF

This device’s concentrate is based on a CBD to THC ratio of 2:1, a ratio I usually prefer as I find the CBD mutes some of the undesirable results THC can produce (ie. Anxiety). Unfortunately, I am not one whose pain is subdued by THC; often the opposite actually. So I seek out solutions like RELIEF. One bonus for me with RELIEF, it helped me sleep soundly.

Melissa, who heads up our Customer Service team, also tried this pen and she had this to say about RELIEF:

"I came home feeling nauseous one evening and decided to try the RELIEF pen. I took my first draw pretty lightly and it did not vibrate. The next time, I inhaled more deeply, and in a few seconds it did vibrate. It made me cough pretty hard though! After coughing, I started to feel a little less nauseous. I took 2 more doses and felt complete relief. I was no longer nauseous. I was surprised, and happy it worked so well for my nausea."

Vaping with BLISS

I just love the name. By itself, it makes feel good. And so did the device. BLISS in particular is where the dosing control made a difference. When using cannabis for more ‘blissful’ results, there is nothing I like less than over-consuming. HMBLDT solves that problem.

Note that while the device is programmed to vibrate when you have reached the prescribed dose, I did not always get there. I know I don’t have a very strong inhale, so this is likely the reason. Either way, at least I know that I am below the prescribed dose, and not over.

Mark, HelloMD’s CEO tried out the BLISS pen and had this to say:

"My experience with BLISS was very positive. I found that if you pull strongly it will make you cough, so I now prefer to take mini puffs. It made me feel happy and slightly enhanced, but not really high, which is great. It was a positive experience and I really enjoy the overall design of the pen as well."

Vaping with SLEEP

I did not try the SLEEP pen, but two HelloMD team members, Ryan and Chris both enjoyed their experience. Ryan from our Customer Services team had this to say about the SLEEP pen:

"The HMBLT Sleep vape pen has a very slick, almost surgical design and the packaging could have arrived from Apple’s cannabis division. Its convenient size slid right into my pocket and after work I almost forgot to take it for a test run.

I suffer from insomnia. Some nights I can’t fall asleep, though this is easily remedied with cannabis. Other nights I fall asleep, but wake up at 2 am, my brain immediately keeping my body awake. After using the HMBLDT SLEEP pen for about a week now, I can confidently say that it is my first line for early am insomnia. It’s just that good.

I used to fumble around in the night, count the seconds to myself and watch the cloud of vapor to see if it was large or small. That was how I dosed myself. A small cloud, maybe, needed another puff, while a large cloud probably signaled that tomorrow may require an extra cup of coffee. The HMBLDT sleep pen fixes all of this with its fixed dosing."

Chris, who supports our Business Division, reviews many products for us and here is what he had to say about the SLEEP pen:

"I was incredibly impressed with what was contained inside the Hmbldt sleep pen. The oil had a fantastic taste, and the vapor was incredibly smooth. I noticed a much cooler temperature of the vapor produced by the HMBLDT, a staggering difference to usual harsh vapor that I’ve come to expect from other vape pens.

This makes it the perfect accessory for your nightstand if you have trouble sleeping like I do. The easy and all around pleasant experience of consuming a couple of doses from the HMBLDT pen could easily replace your night time ritual. After climbing into bed the other night I enjoyed 3 doses over about half an hour as I did some evening reading.

Much to my surprise, I found myself nodding off before long; a task that typically requires a significant amount of THC to accomplish. Not only did it help me fall asleep quicker than usual, I also slept soundly through the night, a rarity for me."

Disruptive Pricing

Here is the other area where HMBLDT is disruptive. The HMBLDT devices are each listed for $100 retail. And these are disposable, so every time you need to reload, you buy a new one entirely (the company is planning a recycling program, by the way). But at $100, HMBLDT is positioning itself as much as 40% above the incumbent providers. If nothing else, this will make it stand out and get people to understand this is something new.

While we may see some downward pressure on this pricing as the market expands, there is clearly a market for products that work. If the SLEEP device truly, and dependably, helps people sleep — they will pay $100. I also suspect this signals the beginning of a new segment of higher-priced cannabis products, as manufacturers look to separate themselves from the pack.

Overall, HMBLDT has done the industry a big favor by coming to market with these four devices. And as the HMBLDT team is cut above when it comes to marketing expertise and budget, this device and its innovations will open eyes in the fast emerging health and wellness sector. The packaging alone screams wellness rather than cannabis. Let’s hope this inspires competition to deliver more of the same. For the moment though, HMBLDT is worth a try, particularly for those struggling to find what’s best for them and looking for safe solutions.


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