Best Cannabis Seeds of 2022

The best cannabis strains begin with quality seeds. Today, growers and seed banks provide seeds from hundreds of cannabis strains, carefully cultivated for unique profiles and features to suit just about every cannabis consumer. Whether you’re new to growing your own cannabis, or an experienced cultivator looking for some new varieties, there are plenty of choices for growing your own weed this year. Here’s a look at what cannabis experts are calling the best seeds of 2022.

First things first: Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds?

Now that cannabis is available for medical or recreational use (or both) in many US states, there’s increasing interest in growing your own personal crop, and plenty of seed sellers such as Crop King Seeds and Growers Choice Seeds are stepping up to meet the demand. What’s more, today’s growers and seed bankers are also ready to help new and long-time home cultivators with gear, tips, and how-tos for getting the most out of a home-growing experience.

Currently, growing cannabis at home is legal in 17 states and the District of Columbia, but the specifics about at-home cultivation vary widely by region. Laws stipulate whether you can grow cannabis at home for both medical and recreational use or for medical only. Other restrictions include limits on the number of plants allowed and how many of those can be flowering. Registered medical patients may be allowed to grow more plants than recreational users, and even caregivers can be allowed to grow cannabis on behalf of patients in some states. It’s wise to check on the laws of your state before getting started.

Regardless of the laws in any individual state, it’s not illegal to buy cannabis seeds themselves, either locally or online. That’s because of a loophole in US federal law that allows the sale of hemp seeds and products that contain less than 0.3 percent of psychoactive THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol). Cannabis seeds aren’t likely to exceed that limit, even if the resulting plant has a much higher THC content, so they’re treated like hemp seeds for retail purposes. That means it’s possible to order them online from anywhere in the world or purchase them from a dispensary or grower in your area.

What do you need to know about buying cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds are sold by many growers and seedbanks that deal only in seeds. They can vary widely in price, but in general, they’re considerably more expensive than, say, a pack of celery seeds from your local garden shop. But cannabis seeds from quality sources are carefully selected for features including strain lineage, cannabinoid profile, and whether you’re buying feminized or autoflower seeds. That makes it easy to find and grow exactly the kind of cannabis you’re looking for.

The best cannabis seeds of 2022

The list of 2022’s best cannabis seeds includes some perennial favorites and a few newcomers with unique characteristics, including the following:

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush derives from Bubble Gum and Original Kush. This popular Indica-dominant hybrid delivers not only a long-lasting high but also medical benefits, including relief from pain and insomnia. Bubba Kush feminized seeds are beginner-friendly and flower in 9 to 10 weeks.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world. This mostly Sativa strain has a high THC content of 18 to 26 percent. Feminized Sour Diesel seeds flower in about eight weeks under the watchful eye of an experienced grower.

Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with very high THC content at about 25 percent. Along with a potent high, Golden Nugget delivers relief from pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Golden Nugget’s feminized seeds take around 10 weeks to flower.

Durban Poison

Originally from Durban, South Africa, Durban Poison is a longtime favorite that delivers uplifting, energetic effects. This Sativa-dominant hybrid contains about 20 percent THC, and feminized Durban Poison seeds flower in nine to 10 weeks.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a famous hybrid strain that’s easy to grow and provides energizing, mood-boosting effects from a THC content of around 20 percent. Jack Herer feminized seeds produce flowering plants in about 10 weeks.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a consistently popular strain that produces both euphoria and deep relaxation. This Indica-dominant hybrid contains about 22 percent THC, and feminized Girl, Scout Cookies seeds, take about eight to 10 weeks to flower.

White Widow

Indica-dominant White Widow delivers a potent, relaxing high with a THC content of about 22 percent. White Widow’s feminized seeds are easy for beginners to grow and flower in eight to 10 weeks.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a high THC content that’s close to 25 percent. Purple Kush’s feminized seeds flourish best in the hands of experienced growers, and they flower in eight to 10 weeks.

Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet traces its lineage to Durban Poison and OG Kush. This Sativa-dominant hybrid contains 28 percent THC for a potent, relaxing high, and its feminized seeds flower in about 10 weeks.

Green Crack

Green Crack is a blend of popular strains Afghani and Skunk. This Sativa-dominant hybrid contains up to 22 percent THC and is easy for beginners to grow. Expect its feminized seeds to flower in about 10 weeks.

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