Bloom Farms CBD Cartridge Review

Much has been written about the magical effect of CBD for a variety of medical conditions. Its wide ranging medical benefits include decreasing nausea, controlling seizures, combatting inflammation, is an anti tumoral/cancer, and it decreases anxiety, depression and is known to be an anti-psychotic. CBD has been the most powerful force in helping me prevent and fight both migraines and fibromyalgia. Once I discovered the magical effect CBD had on my own medical condition, I began seeking the best of each product type as well as experimenting with dosages. In this review I am going to share my absolute favorite CBD product available in California. It has altered me, forever, for the better!

Bloom Farms – CBD Electra-Tsu Cartridge

Bloom Farms is a beloved manufacturer within the California cannabis industry. The packaging is dead gorgeous, the vape pen experience is exceptional and the cannabis is sourced from top tier farms that harvest crops with organic practices. Often when you mention Bloom Farms, people get a happy look upon their face, and why not, they deliver a great experience. As a more or less purely medicinal consumer with a very low THC tolerance, I have found high THC vape pens simply have not worked well for me. So for the most part, Bloom Farms has not been an option for a cannabis consumer like myself. That is, until now!

Electra-Tsu is a CBD Bombshell

Let’s be totally clear, Bloom Farms CBD Electra-Tsu oil 3:1 cartridge has officially stolen my heart. It has run away with it, hands down, this is my favorite CBD vape pen experience of all time. I can stop looking, I want to get married. Really.

I have tried many CBD vape pens over the years and some work pretty well, enough to take the edge off of a migraine but none sent me to the moon. Taking an inhale of the Electra-Tsu, the woody flavor is lovely, with a tinge of a sweet aftertaste. The feeling of deep relaxation after a few inhales is exquisite. It is usually at this point I assume I will start getting sleepy, but with Electra-Tsu, there was a little kick of happiness and euphoria, which I guess is related to it being sativa-dominant. The ratio of 3 parts CBD to 1 part THC seems to be the perfect ratio, for me at least, and it turned my headache on its heels! This is a ‘borderline’ psychoactive oil cartridge, I felt GREAT but not altered significantly. It was just just enough!

Electra-Tsu deserves to be placed in the limelight. She was bred specifically to be higher in CBD than THC. CBD happens to be non psychoactive as well, so it is a great choice for pain relief when you also need to function. The strain was bred from the combination of Electra and Tsunami and because the ratio of CBD is so high to THC, you will not feel like you need to go to bed or can’t leave the couch. It is also noted that this strain was bred to treat “pain, stress, and depression, without any anxiety or paranoid side effects”. I completely agree, as a person who tends to get cannabis-induced anxiety, this strain absolutely lives up to the promise. I purchased my cartridge at Sava, which does state wide delivery.

My Bloom Farms Haiku

If I were to write a Haiku about my love of the CBD Electra-Tsu vape pen and my gratitude to Bloom Farms for releasing a CBD product to an audience like me it would go like this:

Electra-Tsu you

Stole my heart instantly

Please don’t go away.


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