Cannabis is Fashion's Big New Trend

Cannabis Leaves are Everywhere

Cannabis motifs and a pro-cannabis stance are no longer owned by reggae and hip hop stars, they are now the hip fashion trend of the season and worn by the masses. Cannabis leaves have become the newest spring floral pattern and decorate everything from high end fashion brands like Alexander Wang to everyday socks. The fashion industry, often known to take a stance on social issues, is embracing cannabis on the heels of a global-wide trend towards cannabis legalization and acceptance.


Cannabis fashion used to be marked by the “traditional stoner” attire including quirky cannabis t-shirts with large weed leafs taking center stage and Rastafarian gear. Hemp-based clothing products have also long been on the market, though the fabric was most often embraced by those seeking to make clothing for the stereotypical stoner. Designers of all ranks are beginning to embrace hemp as a fabric along-side their new interest in cannabis motifs.

From maxi-dresses to cool graphic t-shirts, clothing dotted with cannabis motifs are now socially acceptable not only to produce, but to wear. Cannabis symbolism on clothing no longer sends a signal that the wearer of the clothing is a stoner but instead has become a symbol of freedom and the ability to express yourself in whatever way they would like.

Cannabis is Now High End

Cannabis is the trend of the season because it is now seen as cool and stylish. It has been rebranded as something that is luxurious and high end, expanding far beyond the image of Bob Marley. Cannabis is now seen as elite and chic, which may continue as cannabis becomes legalized across the United States and the world.

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have publicly shown their love for cannabis based attire, and at times, their love of the herb itself. Many other celebrities have also rocked cannabis clothing attire that showed that showed that they are hip and in style. Margot Robbie, who hasn’t been known for her outspoken support of cannabis like Cyrus and Rihanna, also donned a black and tan dress covered in cannabis leaves when she hosted Saturday Night Live in 2016. Cannabis motifs have provided celebrities and people with a way to show that they have an edgy side, but without making too much of a serious stance on something that is controversial enough to change the way they are viewed.

Wearing Your Grinder

Another in the line of cannabis fashion that has become popular is lines of wearable cannabis products. Grinder and roach clip necklaces have combined fashion and function, and express an interest in cannabis without the actual presence of cannabis leaves. These products, though functional are a more discreet way for wearers to portray their love of cannabis.

Cannabis socks are now readily available.

To the unknown observer, these pieces of jewelry looks like they are interesting, intricate designs, but they are actually functional to help people enjoy cannabis itself. Cannabis brands have also started to create new and innovative packaging and sleek looking products that are “instagramable” and fit a general aesthetic of freedom, youth, and fashion. From purses to shoes, cannabis is the newest trend in the fashion industry that brands are taking part in, which continues to change the perception of cannabis.

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