Level Blends Vape Pen Review: High CBD Oil Cartridge

Effects Based Cannabis Experiences

Within the cannabis industry people are now very interested in how to have greater control over their cannabis experience while at the same time creating a specific desired result. Due to this, one of the hottest words being thrown around is how to create the right ‘Effect’.

When I say effect, it means what effect will the cannabis product ultimately have on you? Will it make you feel euphoric, creative, giggly, energetic or perhaps make you want to slip into the crevice of the couch? Knowing what might happen to you after ingesting cannabis, its well, kind of important. In the past, it has also been less than predictable.


The ‘Effects’ trend started early in 2016 and over time has grown and grown, and with some success, depending on the company and product we might be talking about. Some companies seem more able to deliver on this promise more than others and to some, it’s just a marketing strategy. In many ways, the effects trend signals the maturation of the industry and the realization that to grow, products need consistency and reliability.

Level Blends: Science First Approach

Level Blends is one of the new vape companies to emerge this past year out of San Francisco. It has created a whole line of what they call ‘effect based blends’. The company was started by three Co Founders, Josh, David and Chris and prides itself on its science first approach to creating their blends, which is part of its history.

Chief Scientist Chris Emerson, while studying for his PHD in molecular biology at Stanford, went to live on a cannabis farm up in the Emerald Triangle a few years ago. Along the way he had an epiphany and decided to drop out of his PHD program and instead focus his attention on “using science to transform cannabis into a tool that you can use to modulate your mood”. Level Blends was born soon afterwards.


Talking to CEO David Dacus, it is clear that they take their approach to creating high quality products that create specific effects, such as ‘Uplift’, ’Float’ or ‘Dissolve’, very seriously. At the heart of their mission is the desire to create an experience that can not only be repeated, but which will guide the consumer with a sense of comfort, allowing for further more in-depth exploration.

Quality, Cannabinoids, and Zero Additives

The Level Blends oils are blended on site within their laboratory, tested for purity with the the assurance that there are zero pesticides and no additives within the oil. What is particularly interesting is that Level does not use any additive to thin their oils, as most other vape companies do. As a result it is free of propylene glycol as well as any other carrier oil.

Level also claims to use cannabis strains that you are unlikely to find in normal dispensaries, ones which “are high in cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and THCV which offer different effects from THC”. Talking to Chris, it’s clear the Level has an eye on extracting more obscure, lesser known cannabinoids in the not so distant future.

All cannabis consumers should be concerned with the overall quality of the product being ingested, and Level Blends delivers in this department. But, from the outset, what you will notice about Level is the approachable branding and product packaging. They divide their product line into two branches, the first being what they call “Classic”, which is their high THC line. The second branch is what they call “Harmonic” which is their blended CBD to THC product line.

Product information that comes with the Level Blends ‘Float’ oil cartridge.

‘Classic’ and ‘Harmonic’ Product Lines

The “Classic” line has four possible effects to choose from; ’Spark’, ‘High’, ‘Float’ and ‘Dissolve’. Looking at the packaging for ‘Float’, you see everything you might need to know about this product. The percentage of THC, CBD, CBC and CBG as well as the strain type, indica are clearly marked on the packaging.

On the silver package it also states “Slow down, relax and float downstream. Enhance entertainment and foster reflection.” There are also some icons with words that say ‘relaxed’, ‘meditative’ and ‘classic flavor’. Remembering what it was like buying my first vape oil cartridge, and how confusing that process was, this seems like a revelation in product packaging and communication with the consumer. This product is ideal for a nervous, first time buyer who wants assurance as to what they are getting, and it’s kind of a no-brainer to be this clear.

‘Remedy’ High CBD Product Review

The “Harmonic” line, which interests me most, focuses on three blends, ‘Remedy’, ‘Uplift’ and ‘Radiance’. In Level’s words the ‘Harmonic’ line is meant to present “a range of blends that combine the euphoria of THC with the therapeutic effects of CBD.” This is my sweet spot, and it is unusual to see a product line that offers such a range of CBD to THC blends. Within ‘Harmonic’ Level offers a 1:1, a 1:2 and a 3:1.

The other day, I came home with an aching shoulder. Advil was not touching it and the cannabis topical that usually might help me was failing to stop a radiating pain. Thinking this was the perfect time to try out my new ‘Remedy’ blend, I broke out the sweet little silver package and popped it on my new “variable temperature” battery. According to the package, ‘Remedy’ promised to “Relieve anxiety and get back into your body. Support healing with a therapeutic mix of mainly CBD.” All of this sounded good.

The Level Blends ‘Uplift’ high CBD oil cartridge packaging and pen.

I adjusted the temperature control to number 3.6v, just short of the hottest control at 4. I noticed a few things as I looked at my new vape. One, the name ‘Remedy’ is printed on the oil cartridge. How many times have I put on an oil cartridge on a vape pen, put it down and then thought ‘What oil cartridge is on there?’. Way too many times. It’s a huge problem as I don’t smoke high THC strains, but my partner does, so confusion can happen. The next thing I noticed is that the oil cartridge container is glass, which is important because plastic can degrade into your oils, and who wants to vape plastic? Not me. Lastly, the vape pen has a really sturdy, high quality feeling to it.

Clicking the button on the pen, it lit up and I was able to take a nice inhale. The taste was in credibly smooth and pleasant. Knowing that I actually still experience psychoactive effects from a high CBD strain that is 3:1, I took 4 more puffs and put it down. Within ten minutes the pain in my shoulder was significantly reduced and a calm, mellow feeling washed over me, while at the same time I felt alert. In another ten minutes I felt no pain and settled in for the evening.

If you are new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 post. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendation; it’s 100% online, private and efficient.


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