Marijuana & Migraines: Sally's Success Story

Cannabis Success Stories

After serving thousands of patients at HelloMD we have seen a pattern emerge: cannabis helps real people with real conditions. People from all walks of life are turning to cannabis in lieu of opioids, other medications or alternative therapies because they are feeling the results and relief, with little to no side effects.

We thought it would be useful to talk to patients one on one about their medical conditions and ask them to tell their story so we can share it with you. What began as a simple survey has evolved into a revolving door of patients ecstatically conveying the message that cannabis is working for them; and they want to share their success story with others.

We hope that you enjoy what will be an ongoing series of patient case studies that include a variety of cannabis experiences. We also know there is no one size solution with cannabis, everyone reacts differently and each experience and success may be unique to that person. Our case studies will always follow the same format: A history of the patient’s condition, the previous treatment, the experience with cannabis, and specifically how they use cannabis for their condition in order to find relief.

Sally’s Experience With Cannabis

Sally's cannabis success story
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Chronic Pain History

My migraines are stress induced. When I get stressed. I can feel my back and shoulders tense up and when I feel my jaw tense, I know a migraine is about to hit. I can feel it moving up my neck and I know I am in trouble. The worst ones last for 6 to 7 days.

Previous Treatments

Prior to trying cannabis the Doctor prescribed Tramadol and it made me tired and nauseous. They gave me a prescription for something to treat nausea caused by Tramadol. The two prescriptions left me feeling either nauseous or tired. I was not functional.

Cannabis Experience

I heard cannabis was more natural so I thought I would try it. Cannabis helps me with the symptoms of my migraines. My migraines are very debilitating; cannabis takes the pain away. I’m not able to look at any light, like a computer screen or go out into the sunshine. Cannabis alleviates the pain enough so I can work, be on the computer and talk with customers. It is amazing for me because it got me off of the pills and works better. with no side effects I have not tried to prevent my migraines but CBD has made me curious about the preventative use of marijuana.

The Cannabis Tool Kit


Initially, I started by smoking flower. This worked OK but was not that convenient and I found I smelled like marijuana and this was not OK if I was going to go to work. It is also not as discreet.

Vape Pen

I moved on to a 1:1 ratio vape pen which I used when I felt a migraine coming on. If a migraine is full blown I will use my vape pen immediately. Recently, I found a high 3:1 CBD oil cartridge called Electra-Tsu by Bloom Farms. If I vape this immediately, I will not have a migraine anymore. It’s an amazing product.


I take 25 mg THC lozenges 2-3 times a day and remain functional while they completely take the pain away. I am able to work, look at the computer and interact with customers without being irritable.

Sally Says…

"I always suggest to people that they try cannabis to help with their migraines…. Basically cannabis is natural so why take a pill that will give you a lot of side effects? With cannabis I am functional again."

If you’re new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 post. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendation; it’s 100% online, private and efficient.


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