Marijuana Increases Your Sexual Experience

Cozy Up to Cannabis

Winter in my mind is synonymous with cuddle weather. Nothing is more romantic than curling up with your significant other as the rain or snow falls outside your window. There is something extremely sensual about winter and the contrast of cold outside while you are staying cozy and warm inside. I find that cannabis is a great way to enhance my sexual experience and help me keep warm in the winter. Perhaps I am one of the lucky ones, but cannabis provides me with a comfort and ease in my sexual experience, leaving me completely satisfied.

One reason why this may be so is that cannabis consumption is known to stimulate the production of oxytocin in the body. The production of oxytocin, also known as the bonding hormone, is closely related to the endocannabinoid system. Oxytocin is involved in a variety of human interactions, including sexual intercourse. Oxytocin is often released during orgasm, creating a bond between sexual partners that brings them closer together. The increased oxytocin production experienced while using cannabis during sex leaves me feeling deeply connected to my partner on a physical and spiritual level. Cannabis helps us achieve a level of closeness and unity that is truly unique.

Relaxing the Body & Mind

Cannabis provides the ultimate sense of relaxation and ease, leaving me free from any personal anxieties. Like many other women in the world, I have my own personal anxieties. Between worrying about how I look when I take my clothes off to personal performance, sometimes my internal worrying can make sex less enjoyable. Cannabis helps free me of that stress, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the enjoyment of the sexual experience.


Cannabis can also help alleviate physical discomfort associated with sex. Whether physical discomfort is caused by mental anxieties or a medical condition, cannabis can help make sex more enjoyable. Marijuana not only increases physical stimulation, but it can also relax your muscles, making sex more pleasurable. Whether your discomfort is caused by chronic pain in some part of your body or due to hormone-related conditions like menopause, cannabis can help take the stress out of your sex life. Whether you are looking for a cannabis product to relax or stimulate you, I have complied a list of cannabis strains and products that are perfect for enhancing your sexual experience.

Cannabis for Sexual Enhancement

Here are a list of my top cannabis strains and products which both enhance my sexual experience and fully relax me.

Blueberry Diesel

Blueberry Diesel is a hybrid of Blueberry and Sour Diesel that is known for its strong blueberry flavor and smell. It also contains a large amount of trichomes, which are visible just from looking at it. Blueberry Diesel produces joyful and relaxing effects that are known to be wonderfully subtle. It is a great strain for providing uplifting and tingly feelings without being too overwhelming. Perfect for the upcoming snuggle fest.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid that is a cross of blueberry indica and sativa haze. Blue Dream provides full body relaxation without a heavy sedative feeling. It is known for its moderate physical and psychoactive effects with a focus on the enhancement of personal feelings. Blue Dream is a great choice for relaxing and enjoying yourself fully during sex.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is an indica strain that can help you relax completely. It is one of the most well-known and widely available strains that produces strong psychoactive effects. Northern Lights is known for creating a dream-like euphoria that reduces stress and anxiety while creating a unique sexual experience.

Killer Queen

Killer Queen is a hybrid that is known for its uplifting and stimulating effects. It provides both energy and focus to give you a long lasting sexual experience. Killer Queen is also known to make people feel aroused and sexually stimulated. It is also known for allowing the user to maintain a solid mind and body connection despite its strong effects.

Foria Pleasure

Foria Pleasure is a sexual lubricant spray specifically designed with women in mind. Foria has been on the cutting edge of sexual cannabis products and is also known for its product Explore, a suppository designed for easing the process of anal sex. Foria Pleasure is made with pesticide-free cannabis oil that is extracted without the use of solvents. Foria only uses two ingredients, coconut oil and cannabis oil, to create a product that increases sexual stimulation and comfort. Foria rigorously tests their products for potency and purity, ensuring a microbial and solvent free product that will leave you euphoric, relaxed, and very aroused.

Herba Buena “Quiver” Sexual Lubricant

Herba Buena’s “Quiver” Lubricant is a topical and edible product that is made to be used in all aspects of sexual pleasure. “Quiver” can be used as a massage oil, as a lubricant during intercourse, or for anything else you desire. It relaxes your whole body while stimulating blood flow and increasing stimulation. Herba Buena, who is known for their incredible array of goal-specific artisan cannabis products, formulated “Quiver” with organic cannabis, cinnamon, clove and coconut oil to enhance sexual pleasure with just a few simple ingredients.

*Please note that both of the above products are oil based lubricants. Oil based lubricants can reduce the integrity of latex products, like condoms.

If you are new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 post. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendation; it’s 100% online, private and efficient.


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