Microdosing: Kiva Confections Petra Mint Review

Microdosing is what some people consider the next wave of cannabis consumption and perhaps even the future of modern day consumption. The basic principle is to take small amounts, almost eliminating the psychotropic effects of cannabis, in order to achieve a desired result. A cannabis consumer’s ability to self titrate their medication to just the right dose, allows for just the right amount of cannabinoids to hit your endocannabiniod system, and in theory, create a sense of homeostasisis within your body.

I’ve written extensively on my love for micro dosing, my loathing of the marketplace last year when microdose choices were so slim, and my new starry eyed grin at all the new microdose options availed to me today. Microdosing is what keeps my health in line; due to micro dosing cannabis on a daily basis I was able to turn the tide on years of chronic pain caused by intense migraines and fibromyalgia.


One of the primary benefits of microdosing is that you can dose all day without feeling mentally altered, unless of course you choose to be. Other than treating my own medical condition with primarily high ratio CBD products, I often enjoy micro dosing THC products. There are three instances in which I might micro dose THC products:

  1. To improve athletic performance, with yoga or running
  1. Enhance a daily activity like hiking, watching a movie or painting a picture
  1. Mitigate pain, as with my sore shoulder

This past year Kiva Confections introduced their micro dosed Petra Mints. At 2.5 mg a mint they come in both Eucalyptus and Moroccan Mint flavors. Khristi Knoblich, a Co Founder of Kiva, said that one of the benefits of doing a microdosed mint is “the accuracy of both the dose within the manufacturing process but also with the ability for the patient to easily dose in precise increments.”

I chose to purchase the Eucalyptus flavored mints based on the recommendation of my co worker Chris, who also happens to keep a box of Petra Mints on his desk. The eucalyptus flavor is a blend of CA grown cannabis, green tea matcha and eucalyptus oil, and is sugar free but sweetened with xylitol (keep away from dogs – both cannabis and xylitol or a big no-no for them). I loved the tin package the mints are contained within and the overall branding feels discreet; nobody would assume you are consuming a cannabis edible if you take it out of your bag.

The day I chose to take my Petra Mints my shoulder was really hurting. This past December a 6’4” new-to-snowboarding-amazon attacked me on the slopes in Utah. One of the main reasons I avoid boarding on the green runs is to precisely avoid such an incident. He came out of nowhere, completely out of control, and I was thrown a few feet onto my shoulder. Ouch.

I’ve found that microdosing really helps when my shoulder feels inflamed, so I popped open my Petra Mints tin the other day and ate one of the little mints with the cannabis leaf on top. The flavor was super intense with eucalyptus, in a good way, and the mint had a pleasant texture. As my co worker Chris indicated, a lot of cannabis mints on the market today are chalky or don’t seem to taste right. Within 15 minutes, I felt the first effects of the mint which was essentially a lessened feeling of pain and a sense of relaxation.

As I know my tolerance well, I popped another mint, to up my dose to 5mg total. What happened next was what I might call incredibly pleasant. I felt happy, buoyant and alert, all without the pain in my shoulder. I went about my business for the rest of the day with a smile on my face. Talking to other people that have tried Petra Mints, I found unanimously that they all felt the mints induced a positive experience, one that leaves the consumer in control. I like the Petra Mint so much that if you look in my purse today you will find a box of Kiva Petra Mints waiting for me at the bottom.

If you are new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 post. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendation; it’s 100% online, private and efficient.


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