Need a Cool, New Cannabis Vape Pen? Try the Hanu Stone

Vaping is more popular than ever: A recent report estimates that the vaping industry will be worth $43 billion worldwide by 2023. But even with this growth, vape technology is still lacking. Cartridge leaks, dead batteries and other product malfunctions are still the norm—but this may soon become a thing of the past.

Enter jiu-jitsu fighter and cannabis entrepreneur Seibo Shen. A former stuntman, Seibo turned to medical cannabis as a way to manage pain from injuries he sustained both at work and as an athlete.


Seibo’s Search for a Superior Vaporizer Led to the Development of VapeXhale

Always health conscious, Seibo wasn’t interested in smoking cannabis, so he turned to vaporization. He bought his first vape in 1997 and in subsequent years went on to purchase about 75 other devices. Unable to find one that worked well for him, he decided to make his own: the desktop vaporizer that’s now known as the VapeXhale.

The VapeXhale has won numerous awards and garnered praise from cannabis connoisseurs for its powerful production engine that vaporizes marijuana quickly and efficiently while preserving its flavor.

Seibo’s Latest Creation—the Hanu Stone Vaporizer—Is Big on Form as Well as Function

Now, Seibo is using the knowledge he acquired while building one of the best desktop vaporizers in the cannabis world and applying it to the portable vaporizer market with his newest creation: the Hanu Stone.

Seibo didn’t want his device to be shaped like your typical vape pen. Modeled after a rock found on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach, the Hanu Stone was designed to feel good in the palm of your hand. Seibo likens it to “an adult fidget spinner.”

“When a person picks [the Hanu Stone] up, it evokes some sort of response or emotion,” he says.

But the Hanu Stone isn’t just about good looks; it also boasts a 500-milli amp battery—that’s about twice the size of the standard vape battery that you’d find on the market today.

The device also has a voltage regulator and integrated circuit. Ever notice how the quality of your vapor deteriorates as the battery in your pen runs out? This won’t happen with the Hanu Stone.

When the battery in the device drops below 50%, logic built into the pod pushes out more cannabis oil to make up for the drop in power. The result is a consistent user experience: You get the same amount of hits, and the quality of these hits doesn’t diminish with use.

Additional Bells & Whistles of the Hanu Stone Cannabis Vaporizer

Meanwhile, the Hanu Stone uses a ceramic wick in lieu of heavy metals, making it a safer and healthier alternative on the market.

Seibo has also designed and calibrated his pods to reduce leakage—even at high altitudes. And he’s made the vaporizer easy to share with others—without compromising your health. The Hanu Stone boasts two mouthpieces: one for your friends and another for your own personal use.

So, where can you get one? Currently, the device is only available from select vendors—including HelloMD. If vaping is your preferred method of consumption, investing in a Hanu Stone may be worth your while. You’ll be getting a top-of-the-line device that was designed to deliver a stellar experience from start to finish—and you may just turn a few heads while using it.

If you’re new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 index of articles. And if you have questions about cannabis, ask them and our community will answer.


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