Newest K-Cup Style Vaporizer: The CannaCloud

Cannakorp, a year-old cannabis tech start up out of Massachusetts, just previewed a new vaporizer based on the idea of the Keurig single use coffee maker. The CannaCloud was first revealed at the 4th annual Marijuana Business Expo in Las Vegas and is set to hit the market in early 2017.

The CannaCloud comes in two parts, a base and a vaporizing chamber that looks similar to a travel mug. A single use marijuana pod is inserted into the vaporizing chamber then it is placed in the base where it is heated. The vaporized marijuana can then be inhaled through the vaporizing chamber portion. The whole process of vaporizing takes just a minute. The CannaCloud also eliminates the need for filter cleaning, which is typically associated with vaporizers and is even dishwasher safe. CannaKorp aims at making the process of consuming marijuana as painless for the consumer as possible.

The CannaCloud uses, “single-use, dose-controlled pods containing pre-ground, lab tested cannabis called CannaCups,” says CannaKorp. CannaKorp does not grow or distribute marijuana, rather it works with partners who independently fill the pods in their own facilities. CannaKorp does, however, have extremely high standards for the growing of the cannabis that goes into their pods as well as uniform testing and filling. CannaCups will be professionally labeled with the strain, concentration of cannabinoids, and the facilities of cultivation. The cannabis growers will be equipped with a cannamatic, an automated machine that processors can use to fill, seal and label the CannaCups. The goal of the cannamatic is to reduce packaging costs, insure proper labeling, and assure the consumer is getting a sanitary product. The marijuana will all be packaged and sealed in a controlled environment, allowing for a process more similar to other pharmaceutical medications. Allowing growers to independently fill CannaCups means a variety of cannabis strains and concentrations for the consumer to choose from.

There is no word yet on what pricing may be for the CannaCloud, but chairman David Manly told the Boston Globe that focus groups had a very positive response to the product. CannaKorp is a medically focused company but is prepared to gain traction for their product in the recreational community as well. The goal of CannaKorp is to bring ease and convenience to medical marijuana users worldwide, "CannaKorp is going to upgrade the whole experience of using medical marijuana," said CannaKorp co-founder and president, Michael Bourque. "Our goal is to simplify and improve the medical marijuana experience for millions of users worldwide. Patients don’t always know exactly what they are buying and preparing cannabis is an archaic process today. Used together, our CannaCloud vaporizer and CannaCups solve this problem." CannaKorp is hoping to create a safe and controlled way for medical marijuana users to get their medication in proper doses.

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