Pennsylvania Weed Map – Guide To Getting Safe & Legal Weed

Getting Legal Weed in Pennsylvania

While Pennsylvania legislation passing Adult-Use cannabis is a complicated prospect and most likely years off in the Keystone State, Pennsylvania is embracing medical cannabis wholeheartedly. Well, almost. Marijuana edibles in Pennsylvania, (in case you’re late to the party), are NOT on the menu.

Understandable. Billowing out of Colorado, (the Wild West for recreational legalization in the U.S. in 2014) were tales of trouble involving mindless consumption of legal, powerful, weed-food, almost as soon as it became available to the stoked, if inexperienced, Centennial State. For most of the other 49 states, Colorado’s legalization became a cautionary tale for how NOT to do legalized marijuana. Meanwhile the rest of the country pondered the question: How much weed is too much weed?

An Edible Weed Disaster

Heck, even though she caught crap from razzing stoners, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd and her personal weed horror story can be credited — at least in part — with highlighting the need for (cannabis dosing guidelines)[].

Dispensaries and across the country started adopting dosing charts and catchphrases.

In response to Dowd’s experience (and finger-pointing), Colorado wagged back and launched its Consume Responsibly “Start Low and Go Slow” campaign, with billboards paying homage to Dowd’s terrifying trip. (Lesson One: Don’t mix edibles with alcohol. And especially not Chardonnay. *Shudder.)

Pharmacists at Dispensaries in Pennsylvania

But we’re an older and wiser cannabis culture now, aren’t we? And Pennsylvania’s one of a handful of enviable states that require pharmacists onsite at dispensaries to educate staff and patients, and help guide new users in their choices.

If ever there was a perfect setup to safely launch marijuana edibles, Pennsylvania’s got it going on. Meanwhile, so long as Pennsylvania remains restrictive in its weed legalization and sticks to its guns with its no-edible policy, it will support, as prohibition always does, the continued acceleration of the traditional market.

Besides, there’s a certain rite-of-passage/live-and-learn aspect to educating oneself on how to properly dose edibles. You overmedicate. You live through it (which you always do, cannabis in itself is NOT lethal, though it can be quite uncomfortable), and you learn. Boy do you learn. You learn fast.

Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania

Meanwhile, you can get just about anything else as a medical cannabis patient in Pennsylvania. You can meet virtually with a Licensed Professional through HelloMD, or in person with a Medical Marijuana-Approved Practitioners and sign up for Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program.

Our List of Pennsylvania Dispensaries

Dispensaries are open all over the state, with pharmacists on staff to guide you. Be sure to call ahead and see if you need an appointment. Here are just a few of your choices:

Keystone Shops are open in Devon, Philadelphia, King of Prussia.

Western PA’s Rise Dispensary has a great blog on their website. They’re in Monroeville.

Verilife has four dispensaries in Chester, Philly, Williamsport and Shamokin, with several more opening soon.

Beyond / Hello has over a dozen locations and a rewards program with points that can be accumulated and used at any location.

Columbia Care has Allentown, Wilkes-Barre, and Scranton locations.

Cure Pennsylvania dispensaries are in Philadelphia, Lancaster and Phoenixville. Check out their educational podcast, too, hosted by patient consultant/assistant manager Noah.

Need Your Medical Marijuana Card?

HelloMD can help you with online virtual medical consultation and get your medical card fast, easy and private.


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