Say Goodbye to 2020: Uplifting Cannabis Strains to Ring in the New Year

We’re all counting down the days until the end of 2021. Thinking back on the year, it has been one bumpy ride, but there have been positive outcomes such as less pollution, more time with immediate family, a new definition and appreciation of what it means to be healthy.

Would we do a repeat of COVID-19, not in a million years; in fact, we are celebrating the end of it like no other year! Here we list 4 uplifting strains that may give you an energetic boost and optimistic outlook for celebrating the holidays and ringing in the most-anticipated New Year of our lifetime.

We include THC-dominant strains that are highly euphoric, and inspiring. Look to the High-CBD strains or more balanced CBD/THC strains for a gentle high, as they contain far less THC.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a pure sativa originating in Durban, South Africa. It is known to an energetic and uplifting strain that can make even the laziest couch potato get up and clean the house. Known for the focused energy it creates, makes it a popular strain for those who like to boogie. It is also high in the cannabinoids THCV, which is an appetite suppressant and is thought to reduce anxiety. Durban is known to have a skunky smell, offering a hint of sweet licorice.


Harlequin is a popular sativa-dominant, CBD-rich strain known for giving a clear-headed but mellow sensation. Because it is higher in CBD, it will not produce the same intoxicating effects of a higher THC strain, but still may give a light buzz. If you’re new to smoking cannabis, Harlequin is a good strain to begin with. It offers a very stable and functional high allowing you to be present in the moment. It is reminiscent of an earthy musk with a hint of mango.


Pennywise is a 1:1 balanced strain offering equal parts THC to CBD. It is a relatively powerful strain offering 12%-15% of CBD and THC. Don’t let the killer clown name fool you, the onset of the high comes on gradually, creating an invigorating buzz that offers mental clarity and deep relaxation. It has hints of coffee and lemony citrus with an undernote of bubblegum.

Sour Berry Blue

Looking for a new cannabis strain to try? Sour Berry Blue has hit the scene and is an award-winning hybrid mixing Alpha Blue and Sour Strawberry. It offers up an extremely potent high that is cerebral and invigorating, with THC levels ranging anywhere from 20%-27%. It has the taste of citrus fruit and wild blueberries to round out the flavor profile.

As you enter the holidays, we wish you the brightest of futures with happiness and health.


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