Shop Green: My Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

We are pleased to have Brandy Petricka join us as our newest guest blogger on the HelloMD platform. She is a Mom, cannabis lover and Director of Marketing at Alchemy by Dark Heart, an extremely popular vape company that combines "The perfect blend for wellness." Happy holiday reading!

Holiday Cheer

It was Thanksgiving and my family was gathered at my Grandmother’s house anticipating our favorite meal of the year. Some of us were clinking glasses of rum and wine and catching up on the details of our lives. My younger cousins were huddled in the living room over a shared iPad screen playing Angry Birds. My uncles were convened in the living room, eyes fixed on the TV as the Steelers triumphed over the Colts.

My mother raised her glass and asked the family to join her in a toast. Everyone got up (with the exception of the kids). It was at that moment I noticed my uncle, still sitting in one of the recliners in the living room. Holding up a glass, with a look of embarrassment on his face I’d never seen before. I asked him later why he didn’t join us and he said very frankly, “Sciatica. It’s getting worse.”

Our Holiday Gift Guide

This year marks the first year in California that marijuana consumption is legal for recreational use. So this year, instead of the typical bargain bin flannel pajamas and iTunes gift certificates, I’m going to gift my favorite people with something that will impact their wellness as well as their happiness.

Check out my suggestions for giving the gift of green this year to (almost) everyone on your list!

The Uncle With Nerve Pain

Everyone has that uncle. He’s always manning the BBQ, he’s always got a dad joke on hand. Lately you’ve noticed him sitting more things out than usual and if pain is the reason – consider gifting him with something he likely wouldn’t get himself. Perhaps he’s a little on the conservative side or on the fence about cannabis smokables.

Try asking your local dispensary about cannabis topicals. The beauty of cannabis topicals is that despite usually being very potent and chock-full of THC and CBD – they don’t cause a high. Your uncle can rub a little cannabis cream on his sore areas and no one will be the wiser – except you. His new favorite relative.

The Zen Best Friend

He wakes up in the morning in full sun salutation and loves quoting Buddha and Lao Tzu. This friend is all about good vibes. Indica strains are known for having calming and relaxing effects, great for evening use and the perfect pairing for a yoga or meditation session. Try a vaporizer pen with cannabis oil that has been infused with stress relieving notes like lavender and chamomile and other botanical essences like those in Alchemy by Dark Heart vape pens. Sure to help your bestie get through the rest of the winter season with a well-balanced aura.

The Busy Mom Who Never Sleeps

Everyone knows a super mom. No one is sure how they do it. Up early and on the go until the wee hours. She might spend countless nights lying awake unable to drift off to sleep, wrought with a full mind. According to The Atlantic, over 50 million Americans suffer from insomnia and you know your favorite multi-tasking mama is one of them. This year, give her the gift of sleep. Check out brands that offer cannabis oil capsules or tinctures she can keep stashed in the nightstand for a restful sleep.


Being on-the-go means occasionally needing to take the edge off. Alchemy by Dark Heart vape pens carry a lower dose of THC. This is ideal for Mom’s who need to stay sharp but don’t want an overpowering effect. Mint and citrus in the Awaken pen, for instance, work as a stimulant to provide the perfect pick-me up for the morning dash.

The Newly-Legal College-Bound Cousin

She just turned 21 and still buzzing from the vibes of her newly found adulthood. Give her a sample of a marijuana strain someone with a paper deadline can appreciate. Consider strains like Sour Tangie and Sour Diesel, good for finding focus, energizing the mind and lifting the spirits. These Sativa strains are a great alternative for coffee-junkies and tend to be ideal for those oft necessary “wake and bake” mornings or long cram sessions. Vaporizers are great for the novice user or for those who need to remain highly functional throughout the day.

The Sweet Tooth

Everyone knows someone who never seems to be too far from a plate of fresh baked cookies or a delicious slice of cake. For the sweet chaser in your life, stuff their stocking with a few choice cannabis edibles. Browse your local dispensary and be sure to ask about potency. Cannabis edibles tend to come with a pretty intense high, and are definitely not for the cannabis-weary. Pass on any directions when you give this gift to ensure they get the desired effect.

The Avid Coffee Drinker

She’s never far from her favorite coffee mug, or her favorite coffee shop. You would usually get a well stocked gift certificate to Starbucks, but this year – change things up a bit. For the coffee lover in your life, try a cannabis-infused coffee product. This ancient tradition has been around since the 16th century.

Dosage is again something you want to carefully consider, but there are plenty of low-dose options for someone new to cannabis. Remember to look for a Sativa infused coffee for morning consumption and an Indica infused coffee for the evening.

Give the Gift of Green

As cannabis legality grows in the US, the industry will begin to touch those who may not have considered marijuana to be the missing solution to their every day ailments. Whether its an avid pot smoker, a consistent conservative or just a very open minded wellness seeker – you’ll be sure to thrill unsuspecting gift receivers.

More importantly, you could be the reason someone in your life finds chemical-free, holistic support for pain that may be negatively shaping their lives. Sometimes, all it takes is a little nudge (under the guise of fancy wrapping paper).

For more tips or to answer your cannabis questions check out the HelloMD question forums or speak to your local dispensary. For the perfect stocking stuffer, check out Alchemy’s Holiday Wellness Pack available for a limited time only while supplies last. Great taste and a manageable high make it the perfect gift for anyone new to cannabis.

If you are new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 post. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendation; it’s 100% online, private and efficient.

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