The Best CBN Cannabis Gummy is 'Sleep' by Dosist

As this tumultuous year comes to an end, I’ve found myself wishing for one necessity (over anything else) — a good night’s sleep. Some nightsI can’t slow my mind enough to fall asleep at all. Other nights I find myself waking up multiple times, and I toss and turn throughout the night in either case.

Sleep is Essential for Good Health

Sleep is necessary for good health

I know for sure that sleep is essential for my overall health. According to My Health Finder, sleep helps us:

  • Get sick less often.
  • Stay at a healthy weight.
  • Lower risk for serious health problems, like diabetes and heart disease.
  • Reduce stress and improve mood.
  • Think more clearly and do better in school and at work.
  • Get along better with people.

I’ve searched far and wide for medicines and natural alternatives that can deliver a restful slumber. Ultimately, I’ve landed on cannabis as the frontrunner. The problem is that not all cannabis products are created equal. Some claim to make you sleepy but actually leave you too "high" and anxious to be of any help.

CBN in Cannabis Can Help You Sleep Better

Luckily, science has come to the rescue. Modern scientists are uncovering ideal properties within the cannabis plant that are associated with different health benefits. One such property is the cannabinoid called CBN, which is being hailed as the most sedative cannabinoid.

The cannabinoid CBN is found in cannabis and will help you sleep better

CBN also tames the psychoactive effects that are typically associated with THC. So you get the best of both worlds when combining the two; great sleep, and a less intense "high" feeling.

Cannabis Brand Dosist Focuses on Sleep

This brings me to the cannabis brand Dosist. Previously I purchased their sleep vape pen and was very impressed with the overall effect. I noticed that they also sell gummies, and as a runner, I thought it could be nice to give my lungs a bit of a rest.

In terms of credentials, Dosist has no shortage of great media. Fast Company named Dosist as one of 2018’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the health sector. In 2019, LinkedIn named Dosist as the #2 Top Startup on the top 50 list of hottest U.S. companies to work for.

Review of the Dosist ‘Sleep’ Cannabis Gummy

The Sleep gummy by Dosist contains CBN

When Dosist decided to do a gummy, they wanted to elevate beyond the standard edibles that we see in marijuana dispensaries. Their team worked to make a plant-based product with clean ingredients and enticing fruit flavors. Their gummies are also gluten-free and vegan — two diets that I adhere to strictly.

But what ultimately pushed me to purchase a package of Dosist’s edible gummies was their Sleep Blackberry Lavender option. Just the sleek packaging and deep purple hue in the image on Dosist’s website was enough to appear top-notch. They’re described as a slumber-inducing gummy blended with a perfect mix of THC to CBN in a 5 to 1 ratio. I know CBN promotes sleep, among other health benefits, so I decided to order a $21 tin of gummies from their online shop.

Just a side note, Dosist also offers a Sleep gummy that has a 10 to 1 ratio of CBD to CBN too.

The Sleep gummy by Dosist contains CBN

Dosist’s website captures the modern appeal of the Sleep product. The edibles come in a round package and look like little purple sugar cubes. I waited until I was winding down for bed and popped one in my mouth while reading a chapter of my book. If you’re unfamiliar with the taste of lavender, it’s just as pleasant and calming as it smells. Coupled with the sweet, tart blackberry flavor, I found myself savoring this gummy.

I went back to reading with a hint of lavender still wavering on my tongue. Within 10 minutes, my eyelids began to close, and my head nodded back a bit. I felt a gentle floating sensation. So I set my book down, flicked off the lamp next to me, and let my eyes close. Eight hours later, I woke up refreshed and ready for the day. We all know it’s rare to find a product that does what it says it will.

The Sleep gummy by Dosist contains CBN

Dosist has given me what no other product, cannabis-related or not, could offer. There’s not a more definitive way of describing Dosist’s sleep gummies aside from saying that these edibles are cubes of relaxation. They’re fast-acting, they taste great, and they actually help you sleep. It’s simple and they live up to their promise.

Where to Purchase Dosist’s ‘Sleep’ Blackberry Lavender Gummy

For now, you’re going to have to be in California to buy Dosist’s gummies. But don’t be discouraged if you’re not. You can subscribe to stay in touch with Dosist and be the first to know when their products become available in your area. Dosist offers its edibles through retailers across Los Angeles, Southern and Northern California, and the Central Coast. You can check on the exact locations via Dosist’s website.

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Article image by photographer Sarah Chorey in 7×7 magazine

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