8 Cool Cannabis Accessories

The cannabis industry extends far beyond flowers, extracts, and edibles. A whole new world of smoking accessories is out there waiting for you to explore and take your consumption to new heights. Say goodbye to your old glass bong and welcome the age of crystal pipes and 24-karat rolling papers. We’ve collected eight of the coolest accessories we found on the market today.

Accessories We Love

Space Case Grinders

A high-quality grinder is to a cannabis user what a quality knife is to a chef – an essential tool. Space Case grinders are the
“the ultimate grinders”, using sharp, bi-directional, diamond-shaped cutting teeth to smoothly grind your cannabis to the texture you desire.

The four-piece model catches kief in a stainless steel pollen screen for sprinkling on joints later. When your grinder is too sticky to move and you’re ready to upgrade, invest in a Space Case. Manufactured in the USA with highest quality materials. Space Case Small Matte 4-Piece Grinder – $74.99

Shine Gold Rolling Papers

Turn every head in the room at your next party when you light up a sparkling gold joint. Shine invented the world’s first 24-K gold rolling papers, made with edible gold. These slow-burning papers leave behind a gift of golden ashes (but don’t try to take it to the pawn shop). The perfect splurge for special occasions, Shine also offers gold blunt wraps and other smoking accessories. Shine 12-Sheet pack of 24K Rolling Papers – $55

Hand-Carved Crystal Pipes by Raw Earth Gems

Take your cannabis healing to spiritual realms with these hand-carved crystal pipes from Canadian company Raw Earth Gems. Made out of real gemstones, these pipes are outfitted with a screen filter and a carb. Crystals have been used for thousands of years to balance chakras and release mental and spiritual blockages. Each crystal has different healing properties; you can choose from amethyst, rose quartz, labradorite, and more. Labradorite Crystal Pipe with Carb – $75

Dank Tips Glass Joint Filters

Paper filters are so passé, now it’s all about glass. Dank Tips makes quartz glass joint filters so you can enjoy a smooth toke without worrying about burning your joint down to the filter. The quartz glass is pure, easy to clean, and reusable. Different models are available with flat or round mouths, and an optional tornado spiral to reduce tar intake.

Round-Mouth Filters 10-Pack with Case – $19.95

Leather Rolling Pouch by Kavatza

Kavatza’s genuine leather rolling kit comes with everything you need for a mobile rolling station: large pockets that fit your stash and accessories; a sewn-on pocket that perfectly fits a pack of rolling papers; a curved wooden rolling block with a wooden tamper rod; and elastic bands to keep it all contained. Roll it up and snap it shut when you’re ready to make a move.
The Original Kavatza Roll Pouch – $45 at Grasscity

Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter

No need for extra perfume, stay discreet and odor-free with a personal air filter from Smoke Buddy. As you exhale smoke through the filter, odorless air emerges through the other side, so you can smoke wherever you want without revealing your secret sesh spot or bothering anyone nearby. Each filter lasts about 300 uses and you choose from a rainbow of colors.
Smoke Buddy Original Personal Air Filter $19.95

Annabis Smell-Proof Handbags

Stash your cannabis like a lady with Annabis luxury smell-proof handbags. The leather bags are encased in a thin resin film which contains the cannabis aroma in air-tight zipped pockets. Choose from many styles and sizes, each with custom compartments and secret pockets for stashing an array of cannabis and accessories. Lady G Snakeskin – $245

Gold Leaf Patient Journal

Chart your cannabis use with Gold Leaf’s Patient Journal, a notebook specifically designed to empower cannabis patients’ healing process. Cannabinoid infographics and strain recommendations offer guidance and education while blank pages leave space to write detailed entries about your personal symptoms and experiences so you can find and track your most effective treatments. The Patient Journal – $16

If you are new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 post. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendationin California and New York; it’s 100% online, private and efficient.


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