Top 6 Cannabis Strains to Make Watching Fireworks Extra Fun

Fireworks season is here. With plenty of opportunities to witness colorful explosions in the sky, the timing is right to try a new cannabis variety to enhance your fireworks experience.

Yep. It’s true. Cannabis may really be able to help you improve your fireworks viewing fun. An animal study performed on tadpoles showed that cannabinoids seem to improve visual contrast in low light. What this means is that having cannabinoids in your system could help make the July Fourth fireworks even more vivid and visually stimulating than usual.


We’ve put together a list of marijuana strains that are not only great for the visual effects of fireworks, but also for social ease and relaxation. These six cannabis strains for different sensibilities can help consumers have fun and be stress- and anxiety-free during this year’s Independence Day festivities.

Blue Dream Cannabis Strain Calms & Stimulates at the Same Time

This is an everyman’s strain, probably one of the most popular strains across state lines. Blue Dream’s parents are a classic case of opposites that attract. On the one hand, Blueberry is an indica that relaxes and soothes, while Haze is known for its creative stimulation. Blue Dream also has a fruity aroma and tastes remarkably like blueberry pie, making it a seasonal favorite perfect for late summer afternoons.

The combination of mental energy and body relaxation makes Blue Dream an ideal hybrid for fireworks viewing. It’s social and should prevent most from becoming startled by noisy fireworks. If the words “calm euphoria” sound like the feeling you’re going for, try (and share) this crowd-pleasing cannabis strain for your Fourth of July activities.

To Enhance the Visuals of a Fireworks Display, Choose a Cannabis Strain Like White Widow

A popular European cross coming out of Amsterdam’s coffeehouse culture, White Widow
is a happy-go-lucky, sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid. It has powerful visual effects that can border on psychedelic, depending on the amount consumed.

For these nifty kaleidoscopic qualities, White Widow is ideal for consuming before a fireworks show to get the most out of the dazzling visuals. White Widow is also great for calming the body without having overly sedative effects. This cannabis strain is often recommended for people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or mood-related disorders for its uplifting, calming properties.

Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain Will Have You Relaxed & Ready for Fun

No list would be complete without an all-time favorite, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). This indica-leaning hybrid strain is famous for its trippy cerebral effects and potent sense of creative possibility. GSC can lead to some excellent ideas, which is why it’s also a great sidekick for fun and merrymaking. Consumers also note its pleasant flavor profile with sweet and earthy flavors—think brown sugar with a slight hint of nutmeg.

A goofy and giggle-inducing strain, GSC is popular for its happy qualities that would pair well with a summer fireworks display. GSC is likely to stimulate consumers’ appetites and is great for fully enjoying any barbecue spread or picnic that accompanies the fireworks.

Help Ease Anxiety by Reaching for a Marijuana Strain Like Pineapple Express

Another well-balanced strain, Pineapple Express really helps ease social anxiety. Family time can be stressful, and Pineapple Express is a hybrid that initiates a pleasant body buzz and a clarifying mental state. It’s ideal for anyone who’s feeling a little down, but still wants to get out and socialize. It can also help calm you if you want to go see the fireworks, but are unsure of being in the middle of a big crowd while things explode overhead.

With Trainwreck as one of its parent strains, Pineapple Express’s long-lasting effects are powerful. Newer marijuana consumers should note that consuming this strain can result in feelings of drowsiness after a few hours of having it. But if “blissful” and “silly” sound good to you, skip the fruit punch and go straight to tropical Pineapple Express.

Try High-CBD Cannabis Strain Harlequin for Mild, Elevating Effects

This uplifting sativa strain is high in cannabidiol (CBD), known for its gentle, elevating effects. Depending on how much you consume, Harlequin has zero to mild psychoactive properties, owing to its higher CBD-to-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) ratio. That’s a big reason why this strain is popular among medical and recreational cannabis consumers alike.

And a fun fact about CBD: Recent research on CBD in animal subjects shows that it can actually reduce appetite. So, it’s possible that in humans the cannabinoid could suppress the infamous munchies associated with certain cannabis compounds. If you’re looking for a happy and relaxed experience, and don’t want to overindulge on all of the snacks that might be present at your summer event, try high-CBD marijuana strains like Harlequin or Cannatonic.


Go for Mr. Nice Marijuana Strain for a Chilled-Out Time

As its name suggests, Mr. Nice, sometimes known as Mr.Nice Guy, offers a most easygoing and pleasant experience. Mr. Nice is an indica-dominant strain that’s all about finding the sweet spot. It can be an ideal choice for someone who tends towards hyper and wants to be able to hang out with friends while watching the fireworks. It’s also great for consumers who want to manage pain or nausea during an event. A word of caution about Mr. Nice Guy: It can make you very sleepy, so don’t consume too long before your event or you may pass out before the fireworks even get started.

Photo credit: Ray Hennessy

If you’re new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 post. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendation; it’s easy, private and 100% online.


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