Top 7 Cannabis Images on Instagram

Every now and then, you stumble across a photo on your Instagram feed that makes you say wow. While scrolling through numerous cannabis-related pages, it was clear that many have mastered the art of making the plant appear as great as it makes us feel—and some that stood apart from the rest.

What makes a cannabis photo stellar? Well, there’s texture, clarity, colors, personality and art among the shots that made us stop in our tracks.


According to a study from Curalate, the visual elements that matter most in an Instagram image that are more likely to get likes and comments are:

  • Images with backgrounds
  • Images with more visual texture
  • Images with one dominant color
  • Bluish images gain more traction than reddish images, while light images are favored over dark ones

In rounding up our favorite cannabis images, many of these elements applied.

So, here are our picks of the top seven cannabis and cannabis-related photos on Instagram.

1. Alex Reyes Turns Marijuana Into Pop Art

Many of us know the feeling of being stuck at a desk, waiting patiently for 5 p.m. to clock out, rush home and consume some cannabis to de-stress. Alex Reyes aka @greengarden_sf does an incredible job depicting just that. Alex is a graphic designer based in San Francisco. She also happens to be a HelloMD social media influencer.

Alex has done custom cannabis works of art for several companies in and outside of the Bay Area. The pop-art enthusiast fuses elements of reality, surrealism and bright colors to show cannabis in a new light. There are plenty more where this came from on her page.

2. Jamie Evans Makes Cannabis Edibles a Feast for the Eyes

Marrying food, drinks, cannabis and stellar photography is the speciality of Jamie Evans, aka @theherbsomm. Here’s her homemade crostini she put together for The Mary Mag topped with:

  • Goat cheese
  • Arugula
  • Grapefruit
  • Mint
  • Sliced almonds
  • A splash of cannabidiol (CBD) olive oil

The “bed of lettuce” presentation alone serves to stop you in your scrolling tracks, while the complementary colors of the dish make the photo pop. Jamie’s feed is filled with photos of lavish dinners infused with both CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabis mocktails, homemade marijuana-infused dishes and more. Feast your eyes on cannabis as part of a luxurious lifestyle.

3. Sergio Garcia Crafts Cannabis Sculptures That Make You Think

Ah, the art of rolling. There’s something calming about the process of rolling a joint that artist Sergio Garcia aka @sergiogarcia captured in this piece.

Mixing sculpture with paint, he depicts different aspects of his personal identity through his work and captures it in photos to share on his feed. His page consists of imagery of sculpted hands doing various tasks surrounding cannabis, as well as large sculptures of joints and more. Take a peek to see the variety, including the piece that actor Seth Rogan himself commissioned.


4. Lea Augereau’s Paintings Feature Striking Characters Who Happen to Consume Cannabis

Artist Lea Augereau aka @Lea_Augereau uses her paintings as photos on her feed. This particular piece is called “The Stoner”. Lea’s colors are vibrant, her characters are diverse and the messages she showcases are progressive.

Lea weaves cannabis into her imagery through various refined female subjects smoking joints or consuming via a bong, in this case. While sifting through her Instagram page you may notice how striking her characters are, with cannabis being a secondary prop that enhances their personalities.

5. Elevated Exposure Celebrates the Beauty of the Plant

Oh, the places marijuana can go. California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996. Since then, 33 states have joined the club. Elevated Exposure aka @elevatedexposurela’s photo makes us think of where it all started.

A boutique photography and branding agency focusing on cannabis, they give cannabis life by taking pictures of different strains levitating in different settings. From Utah to Montaña De Oro to Topanga and more. Keep an eye on this gorgeous Instagram feed to see where the next strain lands.

6. Pop Culture Nostalgia & Cannabis Shine on Berol Mirado’s Feed

Now, what’s better than watching the Golden Girls during a smoke sesh? We’ll wait. Berol Mirado aka @berol.mirado takes cannabis to a whole new level by creating sets using pop culture action figures from the ‘80s through to the ‘00s—and planting marijuana in each scene.

The images are clever, hilarious and the work of a true visionary. If you’re itching for cannabis photos that will entertain and inspire you, scroll through his feed for more.

7. Get up Close & Personal With the Plant on Nugshot’s Page

Trichomes get their well-deserved close ups with photographer Nugshots aka @nugshots. This image is a leaf of the cannabis strain Blue Cookies and it’s not just the details of the trichromes that’s striking. The red color is thanks to anthocyanin, the natural pigment that makes plants and vegetables red, purple or blue. All of these elements let us look at this strain through a whole new lens (no pun intended).

Nugshot’s feed is an ode to each individual feature of our favorite cannabis strains. Scroll through and be amazed by the many properties of the plant we fail to see with the naked eye.

Photo credits: Elevated Exposure (main and Elevated Exposure images), Alex Reyes (Alex Reyes image), Jamie Evans (Jamie Evans image), Sergio Garcia (Sergio Garcia image), Lea Augereau (Lea Augereau image), Berol Mirado (Berol Mirado image), [Nugshots](] (Nugshots image)

If you’re new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 index of articles. And if you have questions about cannabis, ask them and our community will answer.


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