Vapexhale: The Leading Desktop Cannabis Vaporizer

Vapexhale, the leading desktop vaporizer on the market today, is the brainchild of Seibo Shen. I first met Shen at an overcrowded table in Starbucks during the last Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Las Vegas this past year. Finding the table and staking claim on it was nothing short of a miracle at one of the biggest cannabis conferences of the year. I did not leave it for about ten hours, but the easy breeziest half an hour of my day was spent talking with Seibo. I quickly dubbed him ‘the nicest guy in cannabis’, a claim to fame he comes by naturally.

After running into Seibo several more times I agreed to meet him at his new digs, an office in the Meadow headquarters located in San Francisco’s SOMA district. Meadow, a seed to sale technology business, has allowed their HQ to become a social and business hub for the cannabis industry in SF. Seibo’s corner of the world reminded me of a college loft, with a boxing bag for letting off steam, and was also reminiscent of cool-but-ramshackle wide open spaces you used to find in the city with some frequency. Used to, being the operative part of that sentence.

The Back Story

Shen, a California native and former stuntman, turned to medical marijuana after discovering that the prescription medication he used to treat his many sports injuries was making him ill. While Shen was intrigued by the use of medical marijuana to address his injuries, he wasn’t interested in smoking cannabis due to concerns about the health of his lungs. With this in mind, Shen began exploring vaporizers. He purchased his first (a BC Vape) in 1997 and followed it up with upwards of 75 other vaporizers in the subsequent years. When he failed to find one that worked well for him, he decided to make his own. Today, Shen is now a force to be reckoned with in the cannabis industry. He’s been a successful entrepreneur in the past which has continued into his new foray with Vapexhale. Among other accolades, Shen has won the ArcView competition with his vaporizer, one of the most coveted awards within the industry.

One of Shen’s drivers is his desire to forge a connection between athletics, creativity and cannabis, and to lay a foundation that allows people to consume marijuana in a medicinal, intelligent and healthy way. He’s succeeded in doing that while also creating a tactile, beautiful product that appeals to discerning consumers who not only want a healthier alternative, but one that is also enjoyable to use. Thanks to its thoughtful design and easy of use, the Vapexhale is gaining positive reviews from well known cannabis publications across the board.

Vapexhale: The Leading Desktop Vaporizer

In our recent HelloMD patient survey, 66% of survey participants said they favored vaporizing their cannabis. This is a large number of people who still prefer smoking to other means of ingestion. Vapexhale is currently one of the most buzzed-about desktop vaporizers due to its polished, clean vaporizing experience for medical users.
A few things set apart the Vapexhale from other competitors on the market:

Taste: Most vaporizers change the taste of marijuana, yet many people prefer to be able to taste the unique flavor of different cannabis strains. Vapexhale features a glass vapor path that allows the character of a strain to remain intact and free of a burnt or harsh taste.

Efficiency: Vapexhale is beautifully designed and has almost a retro feel to it. It also allows users to enjoy maximum medicinal effect with minimal amounts of marijuana.

Power: Vapexhale offers a powerful production engine that vaporizes marijuana quickly and efficiently.

How It Works

The Vapexhale is eight inches tall and boasts features like a temperature dial and a computer power cable and works with both flowers and oils. In fact, the Vapexhale has two Cannabis Cup trophies, once for their flower functionality, and once for their concentrate capabilities. The vaporizer’s capsule is made from borosilicate glass or a stainless steel screen material that is placed into the glass upper of the vaporizer. The Vapexhale works by heating shredded marijuana (or concentrate) and then drawing the marijuana vapor through the included HydraTubes, which helps cool the vapor and maintain an excellent taste.

For $450, the HydraTube is included with the EVO (along with all the accessories necessary to utilize the device). People can purchase standalone HydraTubes for $150 and can also get our Standard Start Kit (with just a Dry Mouth Piece + accessories) for $350. Beautiful, innovative, functional and user-friendly, there’s no doubt that the Vapexhale is currently one of the most in-demand and innovative vaporizers on the market.

The Future Holds…

While Shen could continue on his path with new Vapexhale desktop models, he has an eye on a different prize. After spending an hour at his office chatting, he unveiled the designs for his new portable vaporizer. Totally unique from anything I have seen, sleek and transportable, his new portable device is going to turn heads and garner even more attention than he has had to date. Anticipated release date is 2017, so keep an eye out for it.

If you are new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 post. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendation; it’s 100% online, private and efficient.


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