What Are the Missouri Weed Rules and Regulations?

How to Get Your Medical Marijuana Document in Missouri

Okay, so you’ve decided to join the 136,000 (and counting) medical cannabis patients in the Show-Me, and get your official Missouri Medical Marijuana Document. In order to purchase medical weed in the state of Missouri, you’ll need to obtain your medical marijuana document!

To obtain your medical marijuana document you first need to be approved by a physician. You can meet with a Missouri-licensed medical professional — MD or DO — in person or online. Note that not all doctors are eager to prescribe medical cannabis, so you will have better luck seeking out clinics or physicians who specialize in cannabis. Getting your medical certification online through a Telehealth appointment is easy and private with HelloMD. You’ll have a medical appointment with a doctor who will certify that you have one or more qualifying conditions.

If approved, your doctor will fill in one of two forms. You will receive either the regular [Physician Certification Form]( pdf), authorizing you to purchase up to four-ounces of cannabis per month, or the Physician Certification Form with Recommended Amount which authorizes you to be able to purchase more than four ounces per month.

How to Sign Up for the Medical Marijuana Program in Missouri

Your doctor will sign and approve your certification form and send it to you electronically. Once you receive the form, be sure to save it so you can upload it when registering (do so within thirty days!) on the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services Medical Marijuana Portal. Here’s a checklist from the state, to keep it simple.

There are additional fees when you register with the state of Missouri. You’ll be charged a fee of $25 as a patient, and another $25 for each caregiver. If you want to home-grow, you’ll sign up during this process and be charged an additional $100 which allows you to grow up to six flowering plants.

Here’s a full list of fees. Missouri, I love that you can legally grow your own medicine. You’ve come a long way from the schwag from who-knows-where in my beloved Dugout all those years ago. In case you didn’t know, some states don’t allow patients to grow, so rock it! (But check with your landlord/rental agreement/local laws first!)

Your application will be processed within thirty days. You’ll receive a message to log into the Missouri Marijuana Portal for your Patient Identification Card.

Do I Need a Missouri “Medical Card” to Purchase Cannabis

This former Missourian is happy the home state DOES NOT issue a plastic “medical card” that will just end up in the landfill. According to the Patient Registry User Guide: “save a copy of your Patient Identification Card to your device and print it off for your records as the MMMP will not be providing a physical card.” Way to go, my beloved Missourians. As usual, you’re leading the midwest charge! In solidarity, I will forego the hard card when I next renew my medical recommendation. (Yes. Even though we’ve gone legal in California, I still prefer the benefits of my medical cannabis card.)

What are the Weed Dispensary Rules in Missouri?

Firstly, find one of the Missouri Medical Marijuana dispensaries near you. Be sure and call or check online to make sure they’ve opened for business. Review the policies, including accepted methods of payment. Because marijuana is still federally illegal — it’s still also illegal for credit card companies to process any cannabis transactions. Debit cards are often accepted, and cold, hard cash is always appreciated!

Once inside the dispensary, you’ll be able to purchase up to four ounces of cannabis — any combination of flower, concentrate, and infused products. Missouri has this nifty Missouri Marijuana Equivalency Units table which breaks it down easily for you. A Missouri Medical Marijuana Certified Patient, or caregiver, may legally buy up to 32 MMEs per month. To simplify:

  • One MME = 3.5 grams of cannabis flower,
  • One MME = 1 gram of concentrate
  • One MME = 100mg of THC-infused edibles.

Finding a Dispensary in Missouri is Easy!

Medical marijuana dispensaries are now open all over Missouri, and they are selling products to qualifying Missouri medical marijuana patients. When you walk into a Missouri dispensary, you’ll need your Missouri marijuana card and your photo ID. On Pot Guide you can view the full listing of legal medical marijuana dispensaries and search by city.

Jane Dispensary is a sophisticated cannabis boutique located in St. Louis, Missouri. They offer an elegant shopping experience and knowledgeable support for medical marijuana patients.

Need Your Medical Marijuana Card?

But, if you’re someone who’s looking for relief that only cannabis can give you, or you’re making cannabis part of a daily health regime, you may want to circle back and have another look at becoming a certified medical marijuana patient in Illinois.

HelloMD can help you with online virtual medical consultation and get your medical card fast, easy and private. You only pay for your consultation if you’re approved.


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