Five movies to watch while you are high featured image

5 Awesome Movies to Watch While High

No need to scroll endlessly to find movies to watch the next time you’re high—we’ve done the legwork and curated a list of flicks to pair with your buzz.


3 Peach Recipes to Try Right Now

We’ve got a round-up of our favorite peach + cannabis recipes for you to enjoy!

Health Benefits of Marijuana
Alzheimer's Disease

Top 10 Health Benefits of Marijuana & Weed

Cannabis has moved out of the grey area and into its rightful position as a part of a healthy approach to overall wellness. Read on for 10 health benefits of marijuana.


Using Cannabis for Wellness

Cannabis has been widely recognized for its medicinal properties, but its benefits go well beyond health and into the wellness category. Read on to learn more.


3 Infused Frozen Treats That Promise to Bring the Chill

From trendy artisanal flavors to grownup twists on summer classics, find cannabis-infused ice creams and freezies for a cool summer.


Can Weed-Infused Drinks Replace Your Alcohol?

If consumed properly, marijuana can provide similar benefits to what we experience from alcohol, but with fewer health problems.


3 Cannabis-Friendly Summer Getaways

For many people, access to cannabis is an important consideration when planning a vacation; for both everyday and occasional users, kicking back and relaxing just …


5 Awesome Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

There are customary “dad” gifts that end up being the go-to for Father’s Day. You know what they are—ties, socks, mugs, maybe a tool belt …


Importance of Male Cannabis Plants

In the world of cannabis cultivation, there’s no such thing as gender equality. Female cannabis plants are prized for their abundant, psychoactive flower, and feminized seeds …


How to Fall Asleep: Wana Optimals Fast Asleep Gummies

I’ve always struggled to fall asleep, and it doesn’t matter how much I exercised that day or how little I slept the night before. I’ve …


What is Kief?

“’Kief’ is one of those words I’ve heard in connection to weed, but I’m not sure what it means. Is it something to do with hash?”

Anton C.


How Do You Make a Bong?

“I’ve found that I really like the smoothness of smoking weed with a bong. Can you tell me how to make a homemade bong?”

Asbjorn B.

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